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It’s been a wonderful family filled weekend ❣️ Amongst all the hustle and bustle I managed to make these pretty little mini matcha cheesecakes! These were so much fun to make! You just may find these over at @nexuscoffeeco this week along with Chocolate goddess slices. Also available here at the Pantry on order😉 Have a wonderful evening 😘

Good morning❣️My persimmons are perfectly ripe and are like a sweet pudding inside🤗 We are getting so close to Christmas and the spirit is definitely in the air✨I think we will be getting our Christmas tree this weekend! Looking forward the heading out in the snow with the family to choose the perfect one! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday 😘

We’ve had quite a product day here and are getting closer to launching our site👍🏼 We will be putting some energy into an ebook in the new year were you will be able to find some of our delicious treats and staples🤗 Pictured here are our Christmas cookies with coconut mana icing. ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Thursday Everyone❣️ Today’s pick up lunch, all packed up and ready to be enjoyed. Missed today’s orders? Place your order at 647-225-2287 for next weeks menu for pick up at @nexuscoffeeco or here at the Pantry. Have a great day😘

Good afternoon❣️I’m just putting the Finishing touches on the raw Chocolate Goddess cashew cheesecake 👌🏻 Drop by and see us at @nexuscoffeeco this Friday evening. I will be there sharing some of our delicious healthy treats! Hope to see you there😘

The perfect persimmon joined by a few of its colourful friends to celebrate breakfast 😉 stay warm Lovelies ❣️ It’s a cold one out there😘

Just finished putting the finishing touches on our raw vegan mince meat tarts🙌🏼 I thought a sprinkle of orange rind powder would give them a festive vibe 👌🏻 Available on order. Have a great night😘

I woke to a beautiful wintery scene this morning❄️ This is the part of winter I would miss! The earth covered in a beautiful light blanket of snow. Tucked under for a long sleep. So fresh and clean. It’s definitely time to bust out my warmest wear😉 I made cheese balls and crackers to help with the busy season. This is the time of year when time can become short and grabbing simple delicious already prepared foods help keep you on track and sustained👍🏼 Follow basic cashew cheese recipe. After fertilization separate into sizes you desire. Stir in chopped cranberries. Form a ball and roll in chopped walnuts and cranberries. Wrap up and refrigerate. Have a wonderful Morning 😘

How is your weekend going? We had a busy and productive one here. Here are some of the Christmas treats I’ve been working on to make The season not only delicious but healthy and guilt free❣️ Lots of truffles, mince meat tarts and Christmas cookies to name a few of them. Thank you Angela @we_vital_force for taking this lovely photo for your Momma😘 Lots of Love Everyone❣️No such thing as enough 🙌🏼

Cheese balls rolled in garlic chives and parsley 🌱 In time for the holiday season! 😘

Hello😍 Happy Sunday! I’ve been busy in the kitchen getting ready for my site launch👍🏼 It should be up and functioning hopefully by the end of the week. I am so very excited to finally be this close. There will be bugs to iron out I’m sure but we will work through them😉 I hope you enjoy your day😘

One of nature’s many treasure chests 💎Just look at the ruby red jewels🙌🏼 Looks like treasure for My breakfast 😘

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