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live raw. be happy  🍊compassionate plant eater 🙏🏼crohn's thriver 🌴hawaii 🎥youtube: rawfully happy 💻website: www.rawfullyhappy.com 👻snapchat: samlallas8


Living a compassionate lifestyle has led me to living my dream life, the one I always wished for as a child. Supporting this movement means so much to me. There's an amazing company @weegan.life who reached out to me to help spread the vegan message, and they are offering a FREE vegan necklace to you guys 😊 (you only have to pay $5.91 for shipping). These necklaces are available worldwide for the next 48 hours, so follow this link and go check them out- https://goo.gl/f3mKwH (the link is also in my bio). I'm so blessed to be a part of this movement, and I'm so optimistic about the direction our world is heading in. Much love to you all 🙏🏼 #weegan

Find an external world that represents your internal world. Allow yourself to become one with your surroundings🙏🏼

I enjoyed this beautiful, local pineapple with my friends on the beach, and it was so magical ✨ Having friends who live a similar lifestyle to me and support me makes such a huge difference in my life. My number one tip for finding your people is chasing your purpose, because those with a similar purpose are going to be attracted to the same things you are. I'm living amongst so many beautiful, compassionate, adventurous like-minded people, and I feel beyond blessed 🙌🏽 Find your purpose, and find your people. You deserve it 😘

I had such an amazing, fulfilling weekend! We went camping on the beach, ate fruit, start gazed, swam in the water, played music around the fire, and just allowed ourselves to be human🌈 So so so so much gratitude for this life 🙏🏼 I vlogged this beautiful experience, and will share it with you in the next few days 😊

First off, thank you all SOOO much for your kindness and support on my last post. It means so much to me to have such kind, amazing souls in my universe ❤️ •

Secondly, I want to talk about green juice. I get so many questions about how to help heal digestive issues, whether it's Crohn's, colitis, IBS, or just general digestive discomfort. My number one tip is to DRINK GREEN JUICE! If you have an inflamed bowel, you aren't going to be able to absorb the vital nutrients you need to heal and thrive. Juicing greens is a great way of getting these nutrients without having to digest the harsh fibers. My favorite green juice recipe right now is: 1 large head of kale or Swiss chard, 1-2 cucumbers, 1 lime (peeled), 1 pinky of ginger, 1 star fruit (you can use an apple if you don't live in the tropics), and a tbsp of @daily.green.boost! (10% off code: DGBhappy). I highly, highly recommend make green juice a part of your daily routine 🌱🌱🌱 Much love to you all 😘🙌🏽

I want you to know that I'm super scared about posting this picture. There are a lot of cool photos from my epic day yesterday, but I purposefully chose this one because it made me cringe in discomfort. One of my main goals in life is to feel nothing but pure love for myself. I've never met a female who's completely comfortable with her body... EVER! Which is exactly why I'm talking about this. Loving your body has NOTHING to do with how you look. I still have not fully internalized that, but I'm working towards it. We can do everything "right." Eat the healthiest foods, workout out, etc., and still be completely unsatisfied with our human shell. So, instead of focusing on what I DON'T like about my body, I'm going to list 10 things I DO like about it:
1. I always have a ton of energy
2. My body healed itself from Crohn's disease and other chronic illnesses
3. I'm naturally athletic, and love to workout and be active
4. My body rejects fake chemicals, toxins, and situations and ALWAYS lets me know when I need to make a change
5. My hair is just as crazy as I am
6. I am fully able to express myself and my purpose because of my gift as a singer/songwriter 🎶
7. I have really small nostrils, I mean REALLY small, and it makes me unique 😂
8. I'm able to use my body as a portal between the spiritual realm and the physical world, and experiencing both at the same time is SUPER magical
9. I'm able to grow life inside of me, and that's SUPER FUCKING BADASS
10. Most importantly, it's the vessel that allows me to have this incredible human experience!

I have tagged some super inspiring woman who constantly remind me to love myself, and would love if they also shared 10 things they love about their body's! I also invite any of you to do the same 🙏🏼 I want you all to know that I see you, I feel you, and I understand your pain. Please remember that you deserve to fully love every single part of yourself ❤️

Massive avocados 🥑 amazing friends👭magical scenary🏔and uncertainty ✨... this life is magical 🙌🏽

Surround yourself on the outside with what's on the inside. If you're feeling lost, disconnected, and confused, look at your surroundings. If you feel like a rainbow bursting with love on the inside, but you're in a concrete jungle surrounded by low vibrational people, you're probably going to feel disconnected. When you surround yourself with beautiful scenery and inspiring people, that's when the magic happens 🌈 I wish for you all to experience the magic that I know exists in this world🏝🦋🌞

You know those amazing days that make you so happy to be alive? I'm so grateful I captured one this weekend to share with you all. I had an EPIC weekend full of hiking, friends, community, and delicious food. I am so beyond grateful and blessed for this life, and I hope to continue inspiring you all to live your dream life on the other side of fear🙌🏽 My weekend vlog just went live (link in bio🌈). I hope it brings you joy, inspiration, and good vibes 🙌🏽

I may or may not have a cereal addiction brewing. In this bowl, I added 1 cup of buckwheat (soaked overnight), cacao nibs, 1 tablespoon of almond butter, 1 star fruit, 1 banana, and a sprinkle of chia seeds topped with almond milk 🙌🏽 HEAVENLY😋 What's your favorite cereal combination?

Good people, hiking, plant foods, and beautiful scenery... what more could a girl want 😍 ✨Tag a friend you'd like to enjoy this epic view with 👇🏽

I'm feeling extra blessed today. My body, my mind, and my spirit are all in alignment with each other, and it's bringing me so much joy😁😁😁 This morning, I went for a run, and ate my favorite new meal, CHIA PUDDING! It's so delicious, satisfying, and easy to make. I've been incorporating a lot more omega 3 rich foods in my diet such as chia seeds and hemp seeds, and I've been really feeling the benefits! I just posted my go-to chia pudding recipe on my blog at www.rawfullyhappy.com. If you're interested in trying it, go check it out and tag me in your photo!! I hope you're all having a beautiful and purposeful day 😘

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