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Sam Lallas  🍊compassionate plant eater 🙏🏼crohn's thriver 🌈life coach 🎵musician 🌞living my dream life 🎥youtube: rawfully happy 👇🏽CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK👇🏽

MY BOOK IS FINALLY OUT! I’m so excited to share it and bring more joy, happiness, and love into this world. Here’s a little excerpt I want to share with you: “My dream life lies in the freedom to choose what I want in each moment. My dream life lies in the clarity I receive from my intuition. My dream life lies in the relief I feel from fully trusting in the universe. My dream life is not a destination. It is a birthright, a state of mind, a feeling of worthiness. I hope this book passes this energy on to you. We are in this together (78).” Thank you all so much for the love and encouragement I’ve received during the creation process. You can purchase it on my website 🌟www.rawfullyhappy.com🌟

The earth is my home
This magical freedom I ponder
Anywhere I roam
Anywhere I wander
Is always tucked in the womb
Of our Mother
I can’t get lost
Unless I get tangled in my thoughts
Freeing my mind
Allowed me to untwine
And release my dreams into reality
There’s no need to keep them trapped in my head
I am always safe and taken care of
And every night beneath the stars
Wherever I lay down
Is a delicious, soft bed
Where my dreams are birthed from ✨

The open ocean feels so free
Because it knows it’s destiny
It’s ever-changing flow
Reflects the uncertainty in my bones

My mind sets sail
On the winds of excitement
While my heart knows the direction
To my own enlightenment

I crave the open ocean
Because it’s full of potential
The tide ebbs and flows
From the current that I chose

The blood in my veins
No longer relies on pain
To find its way to my heart
The open ocean is just a start.

Dear Females,

You are divine. You are the embodiment of Mother Earth. Your heightened level of sensitivity is magical. Your emotions are magical. Your body is magical. Your flow is magical. Keep honoring your creativity, desires, and feelings. Be vulnerable. Be open. Connect the sisterhood. Give compliments, to yourself and to others. Spread love ♥️

I’ve created a life for myself where I have the freedom to do anything I want and be anywhere I want. This freedom comes with the responsibility of decision making. I find myself always asking the question, “If I had 30 days to live, what would I do with my time.” This mindset is what allowed me to make all of my big life changes. That being said, it’s not easy. Having people, bosses, and obligations guiding your choices takes a lot of pressure off. In a sense, it’s easier to guide your life by external rules. But I encourage you to ask yourself the important question- What do you really want?- and allow your mind to run free 🌀 because it’s a lot more fun and exciting to be open to a world of possibilities than to close yourself off to rules and obligations. Comment down below what you’d be doing if you have 30 days to live 👇🏽

Life is an open canvas. Once you allow yourself to paint what you want with the colors you desire you will feel the overwhelming sense of joy and freedom you crave. Once you allow yourself to be a deliberate creator instead of a responder, you open up an infinite amount of possibilities. You crave freedom because it’s your birth rite. Allow • Allow • Allow •

There’s beauty everywhere, in everything. There’s spirit everywhere, in everything. There’s no right way to act, no right place to live. There’s no wrong way to love, no wrong way to connect. Enjoy it all. The chaos, the messiness, the laughs, the smiles. Life’s a ride with no destination. Don’t wait to be happy. Allow it in. Now. Now is all you have ✨

Lessons from the Sun 🌞 Be big, be bright, and stand in your power. Allow yourself to rest and leave room for others to shine. Elevate those around you, and always leave a lasting mark. Brighten people’s day, and enjoy the cycles of life🔅

Heaven is a state of mind. It’s not something you find in a place, or in a person, or by following rules. Heaven is a self-created reality. Heaven is attainable at all times. Allow yourself to bring it into your reality, into your perception. Think positive thoughts. Align your beliefs with your actions. Create everything you want for yourself. Speak kindly to yourself. Adventure. Be spontaneous. Free your thoughts. Run around barefoot. Dance naked. Believe in love. Allow heaven✨

“This universe is unfathomably abundant. There is enough in this world for every single being to have every single thing they have ever wanted and more. Believe in this abundance, and it will appear in your reality. Do not subscribe to the idea that there is a lack of, and therefore that you are taking from others. The only thing you are taking from the world by not honoring your desires is your ability to inspire others by radiating as your best self. There is already more than enough for everybody in this reality, and you consciously manifesting your desires only creates more expansion and more love in this world. Believing in yourself and honoring yourself is the most giving thing you can do.” -Sam Lallas, The Guide To Creating Your Dream Life 🌟

The more I dive into the unknown, the more I realize there truly isn’t anything to fear. We live in a universe that’s comprised only of the highest vibration~ Love. Fear stems from worrying about the absence of Love, but Love is in everything. Allow yourself to see this universal vibration in everything you come into contact with. You are always taken care of, you are always supported, and you are always loved ♥️

As I was hiking through nature the other day, I noticed a a magnificent tree. I sat with it and observed it. I realized this tree continues to grow in both direction, sinking its roots deeper into the soil while simultaneously growing upwards towards the light. This tree doesn’t do anything, it simply is. And yet, it is one of the most glorious and loved creations on earth. The tree both sinks into gravity and overcomes gravity. This tree is connected to all other trees through deeply woven, intertwined roots. I realized that we as humans are the same. Our feet bring us to new places, while our minds simultaneously bring us new understandings. The two are connected, yet are growing in different directions. Maybe this is the duality of expansion. Maybe it’s not a good vs bad, or right vs wrong. Maybe it’s all positive growth. Maybe it’s okay to BE🌲

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