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Raw Fed Dogs  A place for raw fed dog owners to discuss and share their stories and newbies to ask any questions about raw feeding!

It's amazing that at only 7 months old, this poor puppies teeth already have plaque build up! Fortunately, now that he is eating raw he will clean those teeth up and they will be pearly white in no time! #rawdiet #rawfeddogs #rawmeatybones #rescue #fosterdog

This poor stray puppy was found today. He is about 7 months old, was covered in fleas and ticks, emaciated, and extremely submissive. Here he is enjoying his first raw meal at the vet on his road to recovery! Thanks @cbuckley21 for picking this guy up :) He will be fostered among my family and continue to get veterinary care at my work until we can find him a forever home who will feed and care for him appropriately! #rawfeddogs #rawmeatybones #rawdiet #puppy #rescue #fosterdog

Penelope the Bassett pup enjoying some delicious chicken! One of the many myths of raw feeding is that dogs will get salmonella from raw meat, but they are actually more likely to get it from kibble which is processed in very unsanitary conditions! #rawfeddogs #rawmeatybones #bassetthound #rawdiet

What's cuter than one #puppy enjoying a healthy meal? TWO #puppies enjoying a healthy meal! #rawfeddogs #rawmeatybones #greatpyrenees

April, the 7 year old sheltie, was 40 pounds, had bad teeth and breath, and was depressed when her mom adopted her! Now a year later, she is only 25 pounds and happier and healthier than ever thanks to raw meaty bones! @debcbuck #rawfeddogs #rawmeatybones #sheltie #shetlandsheepdog

One of the joys of a raw fed dog... Pearly whites with no expensive dental cleanings and no stinky "dog breath" #rawfeddogs #rawmeatybones

Faith enjoying a chicken leg quarter for dinner! #rawfeddogs #rawmeatybones #dog

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