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I’ve been receiving many questions recently regarding bad days. Do I have them? How often? What do I do when I have them?
Yes. I experience “off” days. Every now and then I’ll have a day where I simply don’t feel quite like myself or perhaps I’ll experience a series of unfortunate events.
Though my perspective and behavior around so-called bad days has really evolved over the past few years...
If I’m not feeling like myself, feeling blue, or thinking negatively ~ I recognize that I am simply out of alignment in one or more areas of my life. In noticing this, I usually do two things. First, I’ll let myself bask in the mellow ‘bleh’ vibes for a short period of time... It’s nice to feel that contrast every once in a while. I give myself a few moments (or few hours max) to sit with any low vibe feelings.
Then, I proceed to step 2. Get out of the funk. In order to shift into a more positive mindset I start by focusing on what I have to be grateful for. I think of as many things as I possibly can and really FEEL the appreciation. Once I’m feeling grateful, I ponder on which area of my being is out of Alignment with my true self. Have my actions been aligning with my beliefs? Do I feel tension in any of my relationships? Have I been taking care of my health and well being? I go down a list of “on the spot” self-created questions until I receive a clear sign that something is not quite right.
Once I become clear on what is out of balance, I move forward with creating a plan of action. What are the top 3 things that I can do to bring this aspect of myself or my life back into Alignment? Are there any obstacles that will stand in my way? How can I overcome and surpass these challenges? Sometimes I go through all of these steps in my head and sometimes I choose to write it down in a notebook. The decision and process all feels like second nature at this point. I suppose that’s how it goes when you practice something for years :) Ok, now let’s explore another type of “bad day”. Sometimes I’m feeling totally fine and then out of (what seems to be) nowhere comes an unfortunate event. Or two. Or three. • • • Continued in comments • • •

External appearance matches what is taking place within.⭐️
» Before: denial of my intuition (aka not trusting or honoring that first ‘gut feeling’) and self sabotage in the form of thoughts, processed food, unhealthy relationships, self harm, inconsistent sleep habits, compulsive shopping, and countless acts of numbing myself...
» After: complete acceptance and embrace of my intuition and self CARE in the form of loving thoughts, daily rituals, nourishment, physical activity, fresh air, pure water, healthy communication in relationships, fulfilling career, unwavering connection to spirit, positive affirmations, journaling, meditative living, constant focus on gratitude, and awareness of the natural beauty of life (including myself).
This is not ‘the end’. Self care is an ongoing practice that will continuously enhance the quality of my health and overall life. 🙌🏽
All who choose to dedicate time and energy to self care are also choosing to elevate the collective wellbeing of humanity.
Choose love. 💓

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” ⭐️

Endlessly thankful for natural beauty. 🌊

Chin up, Sunshine. ☀️

5 days until I release my baby into the world. 😊🙊😳🙈😍
Thank you so much for your endless support along the way. Words cannot express the depth of my appreciation for our ever-growing and love filled Raw Alignment family.💓
My positive affirmation coloring book will be available for pre-order on November 20th at raw-alignment.com. 🌟
• It includes 50 pages to color in + 50 inspiring quotes, positive affirmations and self growth activities 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
• There is a limited supply of books • Colored pencils WILL be included 👏🏽 (also limited supply) • ALL Books will be sent out during the 1st week of December (and possibly the 2nd week too, depending on the # of orders) to arrive in perfect time for the holiday season • YES, it ships worldwide! 🌎✨
Eeeep! I’m buzzzzing with excitement for this book to finally be in your hands! ♥️

“Allow yourself to sink into the deep abyss of peace and serenity. Drop all judgement of yourself and others. Let go of jealousy. Pay less attention to the constant distractions of life. Tune in to your own mind and body. Trust yourself. You are so much stronger than you think. Your options are limitless. You are the creator of your destiny. In times of doubt and frustration, remember to remain calm. Cultivate a knowing that everything is going to be okay. Evaluate your inner turmoil and take action to release it. Fill your soul with people and places and things that resonate with you. Above all, love yourself.” ✨
~ The Raw Alignment Coloring Book

“Instead of focusing on what's holding you back ~ focus your attention on what will propel you forward. What we focus on we ATTRACT. Let go of those obstacles, challenges, and what seem like problems standing firmly in your way. Dive into the solutions, answers, and divine paths that will guide you towards your dream life. You are destined for greatness. You are here to live a fulfilling and inspired life. Leave your worries in the dust. Trust that you can accomplish anything. Challenge yourself to see the GOOD in every situation and the beauty in every day of your life.” ✨
~ The Raw Alignment Coloring Book

“As living beings we all intuitively know what it is that we need to do. We know the decisions that serve us best, and those of which do not. It is the denying of this intuition that leads us into uncomfortable, unsafe, and dark places. It is the trusting and acting upon this intuition that leads us to experience synchronicity and align with our truest self. Trust, befriend, & worship your intuitive knowing. Allow it to guide you through life's ebbs and flows. In this space you feel calm and peaceful knowing that you are being carried by your internal compass.” ✨
~ The Raw Alignment Coloring Book

Sandy beach and salty sea is where I feel I’m meant to be. 🌊
Finally, after YEARS of immersing myself in a full on workaholic lifestyle, I am beautifully balancing long days of creation with long days of relaxation.😌 Once I get in the flooow of creating something ~ such as my positive affirmation coloring book or a motivational email series ~ I rarely want to stop. I love, love, love creating. Though I have discovered that in order to continuously share I must have clarity of mind and be in true Alignment. In order to remain in this space of openness, fullness, and overflowing love, I withdraw. I turn inward. I quiet my mind. I nurture my soul. Without dedication to the utmost self care ~ none of this would be remotely possible.💓
#youcomefirst #loveyourself

Today is one of those days where I wish I could sit down, face to face, with each and every one of you, to learn your story, work through your obstacles, eliminate your limiting beliefs, guide you in reconnecting to your intuitive nature, and together cultivate an unwavering sense of empowerment. 🙌🏽 I dream of the day that I tour the world and have the gift of meeting you in the physical form rather than speaking ‘to you’ through a phone or computer screen. I dream of holding you in my little arms and listening to your experiences and triumphs. This will be a reality. Soon. 🙋🏼💓

Filming a Q&A video with Addison today! Please share any questions you may have for us 😊

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