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Ravi Rane  🌍Traveller, Entrepreneur, Social Media Marketer & Influencer. 🆕Follow me @soultravelblog for my latest posts!

A year ago this journey seemed singularly focused and that it was always about career and making a good life in general and being kind. Traveling was all about exploring places for photography and love for nature. So it seems only fitting that was how I met my better and beautiful other half (Ellie) 👫 too. So I am delighted to share that going forward you will be able to follow my adventures with her on @soultravelblog

Together we are pursuing conscious journeys around the world inspiring and sharing how travel can have positive impact.

I won't be hanging out here anymore so make sure you follow us at @soultravelblog and on soultravelblog.com

Life keeps changing and change is for good! It is wonderful to have you all as a part of my life through instagram. I am grateful and if you would like to stay in touch you know where to find us 😊🙏

>>>”This was a picturesque scene while crossing over one of the numerous small beautiful villages on our road trip to #mararibeach from #fortcochin. This was a rather a lazy village lined up with Chinese fishing nets which are still extensively used in this part of India. With the mixed shades of nature and beauty galore, truly Kerala is indeed “God’s own country” a must visit state in South of India, this coastal highway is lined up with the scenes that are enchanting with everlasting greenery, backwaters and friendly villagers... have you been to Kerala yet?” <<<

>>>”Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” - Salvador Dali <<<

>>>”Some of the most simplest moments are the best ones, do you agree?.”<<<

>>>”Often our attitude determines our altitude, isn’t it?”<<<

>>>”Alluring sunsets are at its reflective best, aren’t they?”<<<

>>>”On my maiden bike road trip in Kerala passing through these lovely little fishing villages, lined up with fishing boats and trollers, made for a color galore frame. I couldn’t but be in awe of them. The journey to Marari beach, in Alleppey (south of Kerala) from fort Cochin is a scenic one that takes you through places with sights to behold, the all famed Chinese fishing nets that are lined up on the backwaters, friendly villagers are warm and welcoming too. This was my first road trip with my love and was very memorable.. what are some of your memorable road trips that you took and with whom? “<<<

>>>”Pleasantly obliging for a photograph, this hard working old man easily in his 80’s weaved flowery garlands and sold idols in a very colorful setting in Cochin market, couldn’t be much bothered with New Year’s Eve’s festivities.”<<<

>>>”Looking back at 2017 with gratitude.”<<<
Picture Courtesy: @shripad.bhosale

>>> “Aren’t we privileged to experience what can be only defined as infinite beauty of universe and bountiful of it all around us?! Then whats one thing according to you could we do better to live life full of awe, amazement and leave a legacy?” <<<
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>>>”Gratitude changes everything.”<<<

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