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Raven Selenite  Starting up on YouTube with motivational and inspirational videos. Part of the wonderful Surportive Creators family @supcreators #realsupport .

Thank you @evancarmichael for sending me this signed copy of Your One Word and thank you for answering my question on how to network at events as an introvert. It was amazing advice and I plan to use it in the future. Right now I am looking forward to diving into your book. #Believe
#youroneword #howtonetwork #beinganintrovert

I started a Bullet Journal this year and for almost 3 weeks it was really helping me stay on track with things.
Then a wrote out a massive list of tasks on one day, and when i didn't manage to do many of those tasks i felt so overwhelmed and like I had failed that I haven't even opened my journal for about 2 weeks.
Today I have reopened it and written this quote because I refuse to give up on something that was actually working! *
If you want to checkout my YouTube video about this then check out my YouTube Channel "Raven Selenite"
#buju #motivatation #notgivingup #bulletjournaljourney #bulletjournal #keepgoing

Today's Affirmators Card is Friendliness!
Smiling helps you to feel better and when people see a smile on someone else it is almost impossible not to smile themselves.
Give the gift of a smile to anyone as you walk down a street today and just watch as your smile spreads to others.
And best yet, as the card says, a smile is a free gift πŸ˜„
#affirmators #affirmations #spreadasmile #cutthedeck #motivation #positivevibes #freegift

Starting 2018 off with a bang... well, ok, with a book. My First Bullet Journal!!!!!
One of my goals for 2018 is to get more organised and watching Amy Schmittauer @schmittastic #vlogmas video about her #bulletjournal really inspired me to try this out, so thank you Amy.
I am by nature a very disorganized person, since having children certain things I am much better at but other areas of my life really need some help, (namely my YouTube video schedule).
I have tried all kinds of things in the past, from wall calendars (I think I used one all the way until March once πŸ˜„), to diaries (which mostly only had my "if found please return to" details inπŸ€”), to using my phone calendar (this one I use a bit more, but mostly for regular event tracking like set work shifts, and birthdays if I have remembered to enter them, and only because I don't have to re enter them over and over). So my track history isn't too great.
However watching more videos about Bullet Journals has given me hope that with this customisable system combined with a better daily routine this might be the perfect solution for me.
Stay tuned for more about my Bullet Journal Journey. *
Happy 2018
#startingmybulletjournal #organization #bulletjournaljourney #bulletjournallove #2018goals #myfirstbulletjournal #gettingstarted

Have a happy new year from myself and my elusive hubby.
I hope that 2018 brings you everything you work towards and the meeting of the right people to help you on your jurney.

Starting a YouTube Channel is like starting a business, knowing why you are doing it helps you share with your audiance a reason for them to come back and support you.
My Why is to help others learn and grow using Socail Media.
What is your why?
#startwithwhy @simonsinek #Believe #Hustle #youtube #businessplan #socailmedia #learnandgrow #whatisyourwhy

Better watch out, Affirmations about. Haha. πŸ˜„
A Christmas gift from my parents that I absolutly love and will be sharing with you.
Today I cut the deck at Authenticity which I am thinking about in terms of my job, where I do tend towards the passive aggressive remarks instead of the straight talking of how things are not as they should be.
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that 2018 brings you everything you need to get ahead.
#christmasgifts #affirmations #authenticity #2018 #merrychristmas #cutthedeck #motivation #workinghard #gettingahead

If you want to get ahead in #YouTube then you need to think as a #buisness, not just as a #creator.
I feel like I have been letting my #studying down a little in the last few weeks so I have decided to have a look through this book of wisdom that I acquired from my local library.
It is always a great idea to get information from different places, because even if 90% of the ideas and lessons are the same, that 10% of new thoughts and ideas could be the difference between average and awesome.
#freelearning #librarybooks #alwayslearning #gettingbetter #youtubelessons

@missammyyy_ my wedding cake. My step mum made our cake and my friend made the dragons, purple one is me and red one is my husband πŸ˜€

Just woken up to my 4yo having written me a note all by himself 😍 -
#socute #lovemybabyboy #bestlife #lovemyfamily #blessed #thankyou

In the past year I have been forging my key. I have been learning about myself, who I am and what i truly could become if I stopped thinking of my life as the hand I have been dealt and instead how to take it by the reigns and make the most of my best tool, my mind!
I have always joked that I am a font of useless information because I am good at retaining things I hear and read. Now I am using that skill to learn things that are helpful to myself and others and using my understanding of it to explain it, hopefully in a better way, for others to understand it as well.
I know I coasted through school, my teachers gave me much higher predicted grades to what I received because they could see the potential in me, but I took the fact they said I could do so much to mean I didn't need to try to pass, so I didn't try and I still passed, but I didn't excel.
I coasted at school because I was told I was dyslexic, that I would have trouble with doing things in a certain way and in a certain time frame, so because I felt like I was being told I couldn't do things i didn't try to. I didn't try to do my homework until the last minute, instead of starting it as soon as I got it to give me the time i needed to work through it properly. In exams I didn't try to answer questions faster or more concisely, instead I would take my time, because i was told it would take me longer.
I have since coasted through my working life, accepting that because of my exam results I can only do the grunt jobs of retail and service industries, and because I have had no true love for my work I have never tried to be more.
I have so coasted on my finances, accepting that what I earn is all I deserve, but also by not learning to take care of my finances, by living on what i get instead of living on less to save up for later, for holidays, for family needs, for car expenses... I have learnt to live hand to mouth, and this is one of the biggest habits I need to break right now.
So yesturday was my birthday and I took stock. Today is the first day of the rest of my life! Today I start to unlock that cage.
#nomorecoasting #coastingthroughlife #newlife #newstart #bryantchamberscoaching #starttoday

This is the first time I have not booked time off work for my birthday. Not feeling very "happy" but looking forward to some nice family time in the evening with my 3 best boys, might even crack out the B&J phish food πŸ˜„
Next year I will not need to book time off work, because i will be doing something that I want to do, that I love doing and that I am great at. I will climb out from from this life of getting by and just existing, and on my jurney I will help others to do the same.
This last year of my life has been amazing because my eyes have been opened to the fact that i really don't just have to play along in the rut of existing, I have learnt so much about myself and started to explore the real things I can do.
This next year is my year to take control, to take action and to climb to the heights I know I can and I know i deserve.
I may not like my job right now, but I am thankful for it, it has supported me and my family and it has also made me feel so lost that I have had to realise I can be more. It has pushed me to be more.
#birthday #nextsteps #lookingforwards #thankyou

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