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Raven Schofield  I am a jack of all trades in the art and entertainment industries. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ravenschofield666


Samhain festival with my guardian demon a few weekends ago

I am not but a shadow on this earth

He's the light in my darkest hours
He's the calm to the chaos
Hes my gaurdian demon
I love you Jack! ~
~❤~ ~

I hate stretching inside... But I get to utilise my furniture

#Fetish #bondage #bdsm

Was being electrocuted through copper wires to my back BTW... #Fetish #bondage #bdsm

Loki's cone of shame.... He's scratching at a scratch shadow gave him and has made it twenty times worse... Been tending it...

One of the many reasons I love my mother, her humor

My day, I met two deer, one walked out right in front of me but I was holding a salamander, i met a coyote which I'll admit I was a bit worried cause those guys in broad daylight usually isn't a good thing but we didn't have problems, and I kinda sent for a swim, hiked for two hours to get to the pond/dam... Beautiful water. Met a really nice guy there actually, we talked for a while before he left, definitely found my new swimming spot :) My day did kinda end in a bad note though, when I fell and my head went through the wall on Wednesday I twisted my spine, I couldn't even stretch today, but it held pretty much at bay til a couple of hours ago, then it put me in tears,
it's why I smoke.. Chronic spinal pain (not because of my freak show shit, a drunkard did it, but actually contortion helps keeps my spine loose, and from fusing again, usually keeps it at a tolerable level, but I inflamed it by falling, so upset... I'd just gotten back to the point of chest standing where my feet almost comfortably touched the floor/ground

But this birdie is off to sleep
Sweet nightmares everyone

It's hard to take selfies when I'm doing what I do

Its so good, good Birdie :)

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