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Raven Ventura  Mum/Managed Artist@Crestone/Producer/M.C./Promoter/Interviewer/AlternativeModel/Vocals/Actress/Writer/Manager/Photographer/HMUA/HolisticJunkie

20 vs 40 I still got it, lol I may not be the most beautiful woman, but I'm definitely an amazingly open and talented woman... Build yourself, none of us are handed a life we want till we truly fight for it...

Heehee Truth

Lol, filter fun, haters gonna hate

Anniversary gift from my Love, ahhhhh cofffeeee

Holistic Dinner, whats in your Bellys?

Y'all need to follow my friend Mr. Bliss, talented all the way around. Here, he's promoting the new Tennyson gallery

Check out all that's Bliss @blissfest333

If y'all don't know whom the Undertakers of Denver are, please, do go follow them, great shock rock and horrorcore rap.

New shirts available for purchase,
hit them up.... @the_undertakersofficial


2018 has been an absolute blast, hosted and participated in so many shows, produced a few, and performed quite a bit as well. Still have a few more shows for the rest of this year, looking forward to a mini break soon... Pic from top left to bottom right in order

Divinity Ray and I at her show Siren
Plastic fantastic Ken and I for P&P 60s70s
Slave Leah and I as Amidala after dark
Kevin and I at GF2018
Gentle and I GFAD2018
Singing finale with Voltaire GFAD2018
Hubs and I at cowboys and angels
Zombie and I promo Legion Zombie Fest
Shoot with Nykira w Terry Ewald

Just look at this face, lol Keep being you, goofy, happy and funny, don't allow the presence of ungrateful ass people get in the way of what you got going on!!! Things always, and I mean
always, reveal themselves...

Video selected for promo, not a professional video. :) HOH Legion est. 2016 Holistic-Organic-Homeopathic Your OFFICIAL Kitchen Witch We've been doing this stuff for years... I FINALLY DID IT, we've been waiting since 2016, to release our business venture, thx and s/o to our Mgmt Team with Crestone.
Timing may not be perfect, but you have been waiting for this a long time now Alternative Supplements & Products Coming Soon!!! If you follow us, you know we have had recipe books, teas, oils, remedies, fruit juice makeup tutorials, natural household beauty hacks, questions and answers bit, and a mini holistic cooking segment on my arts show and so much more going on.
We just needed the right legal team, and thx to them this is happening.

I am looking forward to interviewing professionals in the Holistic fields.

We proudly support

Healthy = Wealthy

You can be poor, but with optimum health!

You can be Rich as hell, but beyond ill!

Where would you rather be?

Or you can be all the above, it's doesn't matter your place in society, your health is what truly should only matter.
Good Luck, send us your before and after, I'll plaster your progress everywhere, if we have inspired anyone at all, voice it, it's encouragement!

Join the Legion!
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