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Raven  District 13. Raven's POV. Goal: 2⃣0⃣0⃣ followers Just follow, what's the worst that could possibly happen? Xo - Raven

I watch as Blu is taken by the doctors into an underground area, or what is left of district 13 and the current rebels. I had fought long and hard to go with him but since I wasn't family, they didn't allow me to see him. Tears welled in my eyes as I saw a figure come closer to me, silently like I was a frightened animal. I assumed it was the doctor, "Are you Blu's girlfriend?" he asked. I blinked. I had never really though of me as his girlfriend, "Yes , how is he? Can I see him?" The doctor figited, running his fingers through his bleach blonde hair, "Why not?" he laughed and started to pull me towards the room where Blu was. He was thin and lanky against the white pillows and blankets with wires stuck it seemed in every piece of skin, but I threw myself into his arms and felt him stroke my hair and chuckle. "You always were a cuddler," he laughed.

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I stand in uneasily and trudge through the dirt figuring that Jeb must've moved me. Jeb was silently trailing after me holding a makeshift first aid box in his fingers numbly. I see his hand, and I want to cry, Blu's hand is sticking out from the ruble, his long lender fingers bent and broken. I kneel and push the dirt and rocks from his chest till I see his face, eyes closed and peaceful. A tear dribbles down my cheek, he's dead. Jeb squatted next to me opening his first aid kit, he seemed to hesitate before talking to me, "I might have something to fix him." I look up at him and watch as he pulls a sirenge from his pocket. "It& #39;s adrenaline, it's going to restart his heart." I blink and look at the Capitol seal on the vial. "Thats made by the Capitol," my voice wavers more than I wanted it to. "Trust me?" he askes and I look at my brother who left me to die, who just didn't care anymore and I know I can't trust him. "I don't trust you, but I need him," I took the vial and carefully stuck it in Blu's neck with no emotion and pressed my ear against his chest. A small thrumming sound came from his chest, then silence. Tears blink from my eyes, then I hear a beat. Once. Twice. Three times and I know I will live another day. ||| So Blu's back! Happy?

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I don't think, I just do, I snap my eyes open to see my brothers staring back at me except I'm not jumping up and down screaming his name like he expected. I stare at his face, memories flicking around my head like bees in a hive. "You left us," I whisper. His eyes grow as large as saucers, "I didn't , I looked I did, but I thought you died," he tried to explain as I looked for Blu, not seeing him where he was seconds before. Dead, the word was thick in my throat. I stand up, blood rushes from the wound and I can't remember where I was shot suddenly. "That& #39;s the difference between us brother, you stopped looking when I would never stop looking for you." he gapes at me then turns, tears falling down his flushed cheeks like diamonds. I tie a piece of cloth where I think the blood is coming from and start to search desperately through the ruble, because unlike my brother I will never stop looking for Blu. ||| Like? Hate? Sound off in the comments. Love you!!

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It's strange when you're dead how things can really snap into perspective. How even the smallest mistakes you've made in your life are blown into huge whopping terrible holes. That kid you pushed, that lie you told - they all seem so terrible now and I regret all of it. My worst regret? Not kissing Blu again, not appreciating what I had and what I let go. I hear it then, a yelling in my ear and it's quite annoying when you're trying to die. I can feel all the blood leaking from my body. I tense, I'm barley there at all just a faded shadow of who I was. "Raven , Raven please!" I hear and for a second my heart stops, not because I'm dead but because I would know that voice anywhere in the world. It was my brothers. ||| Just comment below, do it. #ravenandblupart2

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