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Raven  I'm a young rescue cattle dog, trying to figure out the world and have some fun and adventures along the way.

Launching from any log, stump or rock onto Dad's shoulders. When you're little, sometimes you need a little elevation to keep an eye on things.

Raven versus Greenie: The epic battle in slow motion.

Thinking back on a weekend full of nothing but frolicking and panting... Mondays are hard enough, but made all the harder when your friend (and wrestling partner) has returned to her own home!

"Mom, I think I may have broken my new friend." Lady is still adjusting to Raven's cattle dog stamina and boundless energy. I can totally sympathize with Lady!

Raven has a houseguest (and she is showing her a little hospitality cattle dog style!)

Keeping a very close eye on Dad's drone. Wanting to leap really high, snag it mid-air, and then shred it into many small pieces. Don't like the drone.

Hay has been thoroughly rolled in, tossed in the air, chewed and spread all around. Anxiously awaiting the chance to "help out" with the next chores of the morning.

Starting the day with some cattle dog intensity. Frisbee stalking on a Sunday morning.

The call of the wild...

Raven is going to be one very disappointed cattle dog tomorrow morning when she discovers that Dad has spread this whole pile of sand out in the horses' riding ring. Well, it was fun while it lasted!

The forest is still the best playground.

Raven's goal every evening - to take up as much of the couch as a 28 pound cattle dog can possibly take up. At least that's her goal until 9:00 pm when Raven gets her second wind, and her goal is to convince mom and dad it's time to play fetch or tug or frisbee or wrestle or....

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