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Raven  I'm a young rescue cattle dog, trying to figure out the world and have some fun and adventures along the way.

Trying to convince Raven that a cow-spotted barrel is almost as good as a real live cow. 🤔 She's not buying it.

Someone had to get a bath today. And that someone was none too pleased about it.

If you blinked, then you may have missed one small blue heeler pushing one big blue ball at a high rate of speed, across your screen. When it comes to pushing her big blue ball, Raven is fast and she means business!

Over, under, down or up....wherever Dad goes, Raven will follow.

Tidying up the barn, and dragging some old hay (together with one small cattle dog) out to the compost pile. Raven's idea of helping.

The downside of Dad having taught Raven to jump on his back - every time he ties his shoes she thinks it's an invitation to play!

Can we bring him home with us?? PLEASE????

The challenge: To see how fast Raven can right three tipped over little orange cones The prize: A little piece of freezed dried beef. Raven's response: Challenge accepted!

Walking backwards on a log is just one of those things that Raven can do but Mom cannot. To prevent any undue embarrassment, there will be no video posted now or in the future of Mom trying to walk backwards on a log.

Miss Raven, your chariot awaits. Pulling out all the stops for Raven this weekend on which we are celebrating two BIG milestones. First, Raven had her first birthday. All grown up now!! Second, it's our six month anniversary with Raven. What a non-stop fun (although sometimes challenging!), action packed, never dull adventure it has been!! #acdra

I see a hay bale and think "time to feed the horses." Raven sees a hay bale and thinks "time to scratch all those little itchy places on my face and back." Everyone has their own perspective on things.

Tracked by a 50 to 60 pound big eastern coyote this morning, who stayed about 100 or so feet behind us for most of the hike. Once Raven realized we were being followed, as far as she was concerned - Game On! This is little 28 pound Raven's "that coyote obviously does not know who he is messing with, and please, PLEASE let me go mix it up with him" face.

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