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Raven Icebound Lord  ᐙᔅᐙᓂᐲ 📍 🇨🇦 mom of boys 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 🐾 ♡ #snowboarder | #foodie | #fitnessaddict

cause i switch up the roles. I'm the one that drives them crazy [...] and they say yeah "that bitch is crazy".

bundle of love, he won't fall asleep on mommy anymore so this is how we chill. 💓
#momofboys #relaxing #son

i swear he wakes up everytime i try to get a shut eye when he falls asleep. 🙄

oh my, how small you were. always sleeping in weird positions, you are such a blessing... even if you no longer sleep like you did when you were that small. 💝
#momofboys #son #newborn

i wasn't there for your birthday, but i was there when you made your grand entry into this world. i hope that counts. happy belated birthday nephew numero cinquo, Declan. 💝🎈

who woulda thought this boy would have such an important part in my life? happy belated birthday boodoosh, i hope you tikawtikaw the hell outta life. 🎈💝 .

tell the driver, close the curtains [...] bad bitch make him nervous

wangs and booty, chicken wangs* 👅
#hooters #wings #foodie #instafood

I like proving niggas wrong, I do what they say I can't [...] spicy mami, hot tamale. 😝


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