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RAVA  Multi-faceted Siren Tahiti⇔Hawaii ʀeconnect with your ɴature


Nurture your relationship with nature. The best way to do it, I think, is to make time to be in her presence.

My perfect shell is a broken shell

Just happily waiting for that wave to take me out

I wrote this one day: "Take care of yourself so that your leaves can grow and so that you can provide shade for those that are sweating in the sun. Then shed your leaves so that others may have fertile soil to set their roots in."

The things that wash up on shore

In great company! 📷: @jferrara_photo

I like to sit in a tree and think about how long it has stood there and how much it has witnessed over the years

I counted 5 different kinds of limu at the beach

Giving in to my instincts has led me here. To water.

This is what abandoned, haunted houses look like in the islands

This is me checking in on you guys: I hope you're healthy and doing things that make you feel thankful to be alive. Like drawing in the sand, feeding birds, or cooking with your friends. I've been reading poems by Rumi and writing postcards lately. Stay in touch. -Rava

I think I understand now why I still get asked for my ID

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