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Darina❁#StopJustinHate🍐  My love for a vanilla muffin named Justin Drew Bieber is like the worlds population, it never stops growing 💜


Hey my loves ♡
does anyone know anything about improving on breath support for singing?

if u do please please please dm me or comment here lol 😂

i love u so much ❤

qotp: Hoodies or shirts?
aotp: shirts asf

{Fc;;7778,,19.9.17,,7:30pm🍼} Hey babies ♡

As some of u know I won't be making edits anymore bc its rlly time consuming,, BUTTT I'm still gonna have colour themes,,i'm aiming to post every 2 days ☺️
i love you so much ❤️
qotp; Do you want/have piercings?

aotp; i have my ears pierced,, i rlly want a septum and a cartridge piercing

{Fc;;781//8.12.15 ☁️}
Dear Justin, I'm so proud of you. Before you go and insult Justin in front of me or any other belieber just take a second and think, he could be the reason for my smile. You have no idea what I could be going through but then to add to my pain, you insult the person I love more than anything! Do you realize how much that hurts? You think all because I havent met him that it doesn't get to me or hurt me. Well it really does. Justin is the reason why I never give up and always believe in myself 💕 I remember in August 2010 when I first heard baby. Justin's angelic voice just took away all my worries and i could tell this wasn't gonna be a phase, it would last forever. I will always be a proud belieber! Whenever I feel like i can never smile again, I hear Justin's soothing voice in my head and that just brings a smirk and then a smile that gets bigger and bigger to my face. In 2014, everyone believed he was gonna be the next train wreck but I believed in Justin and I knew that even if it took 10 years he will come back happy,healthy and SLAYING the charts💕Thats why I stayed a belieber. If you want me to respect your idol, then you respect mine! Also I don't get how people just believe EVERYTHING the media says! The media tries to make Justin seem like a criminal or a bad person but they don't know him at all but we (Beliebers) grew up with him by our side and WE know what he's really like. Also he's a human and we all make mistakes! Even though these were very serious and big, ITS STILL A MISTAKE! Also since he's human, he has feelings just like you and me. Everyday he gets 1000s of hate comments from strangers but you know what? HES STILL STRONG AND A HAPPY MARSHMALLOWY DOLPHIN! You may think that you can bring him down with your words but we've (beliebers) have got Justin flying high in the sky! SO HA HA HA! No matter how many stupid things he does, I'm gonna love him no matter what. Also beliebers are my family and i could never leave my family for anyone. Justin Drew Bieber I love you so much 🙌 Lots of love Darina (your #1 belieber) Xxxxx

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