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Siti Raudah  Momma to my 2 D's IG- where we share our happiness and beautiful memory stays and lingers. . Sg

Tho this is so salivating and not the right timing to post this up whilst im very determine to lose all those extra weight off, I think I just had to. 🤣🤣

Bcos he is the only reason i have been on a frequent visit to the cemetery here in Sg. There’s no longer the usual squabbles exchanged between us each time we met but now its just the stale silent air that accompanies us. Empty. Memories of 5th February still remains vivid at the back of my mind each time when i come to visit you. But what else can i do?! •
Alfateha to my late dad, abang Enchu, Abg Nasir, Pakpang. 😢

Capturing precious moment in #mangrovedaun, #pulaubawean. Im guessing in another year or two, this little exotic island can be on par with the other known paradise island in 🇮🇩.. Just look at the transformation now.. #throwback #baweanisland #explorebawean #darwisydandre #littleparadise #jatim #Indonesia🇮🇩 #boyantravel #traveldiaries #baweantourism

Happiest Birthday to my most shyest but beautiful niece, @nurul___adam .. We love you.. ❤️🎂

Been 3 Sundays now that we were back from #pulaubawean. Of course i cant emphasize much enough how much i misses that island. Anyways, lets #throwback to the last day in #baweanisland where me and Rizal went to #Sangkapura early in the morning and tried to blend in with the local as much as possible. ☺️🤗 And we feeling2 honeymoon at Bali liddat. #jangankecam muka2 yang feeling muda..

9 out of 10 times, boys get their awesomeness from their mom. But this one all follow father, esp the face!! 🤣 #darwisydandre

With the ortho girls at @jientee’s artistic abode.

So this is our 2nd Raya outing. #rizalsfamily

And so i thought i might wanna post this up for the benefit of those younger Baweanese generation who are keen to explore more on our roots and the exotic island itself. Some of my colleagues and friends are kind of surprise that i do go back to ‘kampung boyan’ as they rarely hear young people like me going back to boyan these days. The common feedback i gather from them is ‘nobody to bring us there’ so i thought this post might be helpful as your trip to boyan requires early planning and it can become complex along the way and you guys need a back up plan. But dun start to get panicky yet guys. Do read on and hope you will still be convince to visit that lil exotic island. •
So for a start you can take any flight to Surabaya Juanda Airport. Nak yang budget boleh. Nak yang comfy naik SQ pun boleh. Asal ada wang. Hehe. So the question is when do you need fly to Surabaya. It actually depends as to when you want to reach the island on the very next day or you would want to explore Surabaya/Gresik for a night or two. Of cos as for me i would want to reach the island the soonest i can. There are 2 options that you can get to the island. The common one is a 3 hr ferry ride from Gresik (about an hour trip from Surabaya) Currently, @expressbahariindo ferries passengers frm Gresik to Bawean and vice versa on a scheduled trip. There is also another ferry that commutes to Boyan daily but that will be an 8 hour journey starting from 9pm-5am WIB. Hence, i do recommend to book that 3 hr ferry ride instead and to stay 1 night at @hotelpesonnagresik which is about 5-7min taxi ride from the port. So you guys wont be late to catch the ferry ride the very next day. The 2nd option for you guys to reach Bawean itself is by domestic flight #airfast from Surabaya. Also commutes to Bawean on a scheduled trip. However, do take note that you might need to book as early as 2 months in advance for the flight as it can only ferry about 12 passengers and with certain weight limit.
Now, what can go wrong. These crafts wont depart if weather is not on our side. So, you need to have connections with someone in Bawean to oversee to these matters should you be stranded in Gresik.
To be cont. 😄

My #ootd last Saturday donning comfy inner silang from @d_hijabistyle.. 👍 #motd

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