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Matt Shindler  Nerds ! STAR WARS! & adventures ! Is meeee! (:

Day 7 calls for a button, so i make new meaning for word !! It's a New name for the weight scale ! Button ! Haha it's a butt ! Ton.. People be like oh how much does that weigh ??? A button!!! Hahaha xD so everyone better start saying this ! -_- and I couldn't find a good picture for my meaning lol.. So this umbrella is pretty heavy business :p so it works ok..

Nothing like budget shopping .. Lol.

#picstitch star wars lunch box full of star wars action figures :D Omgsh! Haha

#picstitch @skyesaysgo finally got around to it haha. Kinda wish I left them blank cuz they looked better o.o aha. But here ya go! These lemon pumpkin cupcakes are for you!! An I tried to make han solos blaster but failed horribly lol.. The stupid gel things are terrible for designing lol I need like a needle point haha not a huge whole :0 oh well, I hope you enjoy eating them tomorrow (:

Kickin back with some tea and practicing for open mic.. If I still go.

Having something doesn't mean you own it.

Everyone who has siblings ! Brother or sister, go hug the fuckin shit outta them right now !! Life is to short and anything can happen.. Tell them you love them so much and you're so happy they are there! Apologize for all the stupid fights & stupid things you guys said to eachother, because you can't take that back once they're gone. If you can't hug them physically, call them up right now! Doesn't matter if they're sleeping ! They will understand and be touched <3 please please everyone do this, even if you are currently fighting with one another, even better ! Say your sorry and hug ! <3 I love everyone , my whole family ! Till forever, no matter what happened , I forgive you all <<33 I love you to death; Michael Gary Shindler & Merryck Steven Germansky! <33 last names mean nothing! You guys are my brothers and my life !! Till the end i will always do my best to be there for you guys and give you both my all!! I'd give my life for you guys if it ment you'd live another day<3 I can't even explain my love for you both! .. Just know! I'm here(':

Go fuck yourself ! What makes you better than either other of those pieces of shit ! Your not so everyone must be lying ! Cuz there's the same dog shit on every lawn. I'm just stinkin more tonight .

Just cut my hair aha. Dude ! I'm so pissed you guys !! At myself .. I'm like super down on myself tonight :/ this has nothing to do with hair lol but idk ..

I honestly don't know what in doing anymore. Where is anything taking me? How am I supposed to know what to do? I guess I just have to trust in the force haha.. It's all that I have .

4:30 am . Havent slept yet , rock star is the only thing keeping me doing my homework lol . I need to learn to not do things last minute :0

This morning before school (: so pretty !

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