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RateMySockLength  Dm for sock related feedback. Sock length isn't one size fits all-you must select socks which suit your leg shape and which you connect with.

@carbonkid79 this is a mighty strong effort. All footwear here looks brand spanking new. It shines with the brightness of Esteban Chaves' smile. Length is really pushing it at 45% calf height but just about the right side of the limit. We can't give a 10 because the difficulty factor is low but apart from that it is flawless. 9.7/10

@ruairibyrne51 looks super full gaz for sure ya. Giving it some real BEANZ here which is great to see from a young man. Socks aren't as encouraging mind. Colour wise they are okay as they match the kit and helmet, but they look a bit wrinkled, and a tad short. Not awful but not great- 6/10

@toby_wan_kenobi1996 proving again why he is one of a rare breed of consistently great sock wearers. Plain whites always work, and that 30% calf height is a tad shorter than perfect but still very solid. Only thing we would say is, where have the peng red creps gone? 8.5/10

@na.th.an_pr1vat3 here with some atrocious sock patternage. You could maybe get away with them if you were in a plainer team kit, but wearing these WITH the already quite offensive Solihull kit is criminal. Length is a bit off aswell, leaving a bit too much skinny leg high and dry. 4/10

@romeo_von_seel seems to have found himself among less than desirable company. Hairy legs? Crocs? Socks too long for his leg shape? This all adds up to a 4/10. Get oota there son

@cyclingwynjones why the fuck would you vandalise your own property? Ruined a perfectly good pair of shoes with your deranged scribblings. Socks don't match at all, however the length is pretty strong so it rounds up to a 5/10

@georgecreasey has improved so rapidly we even suspect some #sockdoping lovely clean whites with equally nice creps. Length could use a single extra centimetre but that is it. Good effort. 8.5/10

@jaspverd please get some new team mates, cos you don't wanna be seen with this fella. Woeful colour scheme, and average length. 4/10

@_thomas.stewart_ We are glad to see you back and we are happy to say this is much better. The panel are divided on whether we like the black stripe around the top of the sock but we have to admit it does match your shoes so we won't score too harshly. Socks are very slightly on the long side but it looks okay with your chodey leg shape. 6.5/10

@archiestewart98 these are pretty impressive. This boi sent in his socks with a message playing down his chances and preparing for a harsh score, but we have no idea why. These are strong son. Plain whites at about 40% calf height just nestling below calf leanage is a fine fine sight. Don't really rate the creps but at least they match your bike. 8.5/10

@an0ushka_minal3 lord. These aren't pretty. You look like you've turned a yugioh monster into a pair of socks- and found a pair of shoes equally offensive. Length actually looks fine but it's a 4/10

@robin.scoresonthehawes Jesus Christ your position en bici is so aero it looks like you've nodded off! Socks are good too like. White castellis with some norty black crepe, we can't complain. Lavely length aswell =9/10

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