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Rasmus Preston  P.Y.T. | Copenhagen Filmmaker | Photographer | Adventurer 📧 rasmuspreston@gmail.com


Fishing boats returning home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. ⛵🐟🌊

What do you imagine, when you think of Tanzania? It is not all dust, poor living conditions and hunger. It is a complex country, with a large gap between rich and poor. The city of Dar es Salaam is growing rapidly, and tomorrows high rising buildings are replacing yesterday's clay sheds.

It was another perfect day for hiking in Jotunheimen. The temperature was around 12°C, not too warm or cold. It rained occasionally, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Another shot from Jotunheimen ✌⛺ What are your favorite # hashtags for outdoor and adventure photography? I'm trying to figure out which ones to use. It's always a balance, as they have to be active but not drowned by posts.

I want to go back to Jotunheimen soon. 😍

Hiking is magical. It transforms my whole being. I think it takes me closer to a natural state of the body and mind, that is so different from the stress and worries of everyday life.

@joelforsmanphotography ready to go ice climbing.

I find it hard to maintain a steady flow of posts on insta. I sometimes doubt if my pictures are interesting compared to all the other great content on IG, so I end up hesitating. I will try to post more. ✌😆

Exploring the glacier with @joelforsmanphotography

Winter in Denmark is so dull, especially when compared to winter in Alaska. Luckily I get to go to Nepal soon ✌

I really want to do more winter activities. More camping, mushing, mountaineering, skiing, etc. I am drawn to the cold and quiet places as they give me a feeling of peace and acceptance of the hard things in life. Being out in nature is a form of therapy for the troubled mind of modern times.

Happy New Year 🎉

Towards new adventures in 2017 🐶

What are you looking at? 👀

Sleep, eat, run, repeat! 🐶

Some of the dogs can be placed together during the night, others have to be split up to avoid problems. I am always amazed at how different their personalities are.

These photos are from a two day trip on Yentna River, Alaska. It's a part of the official Iditarod trail.
We headed out from Skwentna when the dark settled over the frozen river. I was driving the snowmachine for the first part, while Jim and Joel were mushing 12 dogs each. After a while Jim and I switched, and I mushed to Yentna Station Roadhouse.
To mush with 12 Iditarod dogs, with only a headlamp to cut through the darkness, was a very authentic experience. Similar but yet completely different to the mushing at Fjällräven Polar. This was the real deal.

This is from the morning after with the dogs waking up and getting ready for the next stretch.

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