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Prince of Persia Ninja Warrior  Egyptian Prince of Persia Ninja Warrior

Killed my personal record. It was 14 sec, now 12 sec. The target is 6 sec like @weareallabel and @elanimal_0
#princeofpersia #ninjawarrior #ninjawarriors #ninjawarriorse #ninjarussia #русскийниндзя

13 feet jump (4 meters)!!! I've done 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) but at 13 feet jump I can't keep lock after I catch the handels as inertion power after 13 feet fly is much stronger then in case of 11.5 feet.
#ninjawarrior #ninjawarriortraining #princeofpersia

First time after almost 6 months of training I start to do finger tips well. Its just happened today. I was very surprised.
#ninjawarrior #ninjawarriortraining #princeofpersia

Another fun moment on this obstacle. The last move from 16 moves I missed but any way I got the target point.
#ninjawarrior #ninjawarriortraining #princeofpersia

This is super funny.... I stuck a few times on this obstacle. So, finally I took pouse for to find out what is going on wrong...
#ninjawarrior #ninjawarriortraining #princeofpersia

Big thanks to Josh @ninjaforcegym for the big opportunity to train at his NinjaForce gym! We will come back, sure!

Ninja's gym owners have a lot of ideas how to cleate an obstacles of just trainig stuff..

My favorite obstacle at @ninjaforcegym I tried to take off the rings with one hand only. I guess its not bad as I can control the flying direction but @weareallabel think that its not better then classic way. Next time will try many times to see the difference.
#ninjawarrior #ninjawarriortraining

My favorite obstacle at @ninjaforcegym Its more hard then on the real show because of hook angle, so its take more power to complete. I completed but finished not like I want. No experience till now. Need more work.
#ninjawarrior #ninjawarriortraining #princeofpersia

My last obstacle at NinjaForce gym after 5 hours training. No more power for the last movement for to complete it.
#ninjawarrior #ninjawarriortraining #princeofpersia

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