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Rashi Chowdhary  Nutritionist & Diabetic Educator Founder at @proteinbakeshop

Replace your morning processed bread with the right carbs!
Switch to sweet potato/ regular potato or a banana if you wish!! But keeep off the bread. If you’re having #glutenfree bread..please comment below and let me know what’s exactly in your bread. Most probably it’s a flour that’s as good or as bad as wheat 🙈 amd sometimes you just buy it’ cause it’s labeled gluten free without even checking the ingredients 🙄#grainfree #glutenfree #nutritionistdubai #nutritionistmumbai #eatclean #staylean

It takes some time, willingness to cure it and a click to the link in my bio for my new PCOS ebook!
The book is NOT about what is PCOS cause you guys have it so already know the struggle but it’s about the SOLUTION and what you can do by changing what to you eat on a DAILY BASIS CONSISTENTLY.
It’s got a 4 week eating meal plan which I’m sure is not close to what you are eating currently! It’s simple but not easy. #pcosisreversible #metabolicsyndrome #lifestyle #eatclean #staylean #nutrition #nutritionistdubai #nutritionistmumbai

I love how I resisted the doughnut on my coffee in this picture and now that I’m in Singapore, and it’s the last 2 days...I’m eating ANYTHING that fancies me. This is the only way I find balance with eating clean. when I’m in my city I eat suuuper clean but when I travel I give myself the permission to eat what I feel like couple of days. Does anyone have a better strategy? I’d love to hear! Please comment below :) #nutritiondubai #nutritionistmumbai #eatclean #balance #staylean

My PCOS workbook is now online!
It’s a 4 week intensive mea plan that works specifically for women struggling with PCOS. This is the beginning of you finding freedom from all the nasty symptoms that keep you from living at your healthiest best!
Over time, I will be creating more support here for all of you who buy it so you feel more accountable! but for now, you can place your order online and start the 4 week meal plan anyway!
Most of the info of what it’s got is on my website. But if you have more queries before buying post them here. #pcos #pcosisreversible #nutrition #nutritionistdubai #nutritionistmumbai

Almond milk with sugary macaroons 🙈 When you try to eat healthy but you just can’t. Often happens on vacations yeah? I’m in Singapore right now and really trying hard to eat clean on this trip! You can get some tips from my insta story 😍 #eatclean #vaccations #nutritionistdubai #nutritionistmumbai

Say good bye to Nutella with this delicious dark chocolate spread from @proteinbakeshop ❤️ #grainfree #glutenfree #norefinedsugar #highprotein #chocolatespread

And if you can respond with Love in every situation with every person even during your hard times, you’ve evolved 😇
I was a very reactive person, and I’m becoming more responsive since I’ve learnt this.
It’s reallyyy helped me develop a healthier relationship with myself cause of which every other relationship in my life has gotten better too. I’m certain this will help you improve your emotional health, something we all tend to ignore. Let’s not forget our emotional health while dealing with our physical health ❤️ #healyourself #happyvibes #nutrition #selfcare

Aloo over Paratha 😂 Here’s why 😋

What do you prefer eating? How many of you feel bloated or sleepy after eating wheat? Any experiences to share? Please share them below!
Ps: I love hot aloo parathas with Achaar 😬They taste like magic but french fries fried in butter work just fine for now ;) #glutenfree #grainfree #potatoes #butter #fry #frenchfries #alooparatha #nutrition #health #fitness #nutritionistdubai #nutritionistmumbai

My goal for today is to be mindful of my #innercritic! It’s amazing how many limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and how those keep holding us back! try being aware of your negative inner voice today..It’s liberating ❤️ have you experienced what I’m talking about ? If yes! Please Comment below... #positive #vibes #thursday

New favorite ❤️ Almond yoghurt with some nuts and berries. I love this as a quick snack between lunch and dinner! And while we’re talking about yoghurt, if you think good old dairy gives you probiotics, watch my story right now and see which food can give you a LOT more and why! Comment below if you’ve given up dairy and share your story :) it really encourages others to make massive shifts in their life too 😀 #nutritiondubai #nutritionistmumbai #dairyfree #lactosefree #healthy #yoghurt #probiotics

Some mid week relaxing with Chocolate Stacks from @proteinbakeshop! they curb your sugar craving and give you the protein you need to pep up your evenings :) what’s your snack right now? comment below if you want a bit of my advice on healthier snacking options! I’d love to help! #snack #nutritionistdubai #nutritionistmumbai

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