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Lexi Rigsby  Senior at GSHS⚡️🎭Carpe Natem

K so I found this real cute, oldie pic from the warehouse from hell w/ two of mah besties. I hope both of them don't get murdered in Europe.

Ann's last year as chapter director. Professional magicians. New and old friends. Getting a Superior for my IE song: "I Miss The Mountains". A lot of SpongeBob references. Fangirling over strangers with strangers. Thinking I know how to work lights now and knowing how to do a fake slap. My heart is warmed by these wacky people I hope to see again. Let's just say my last ITS state competition went out with a Bang(s).

Random appreciation for my @samx.x
He breathes with wild abandon and I couldn't have asked for a more goofy, lovable friend. I've dragged him though Chaplin and every relationship I've ever had. He's insane, I'm insane, we're all insane. (Also I cackle every time I watch this video)

#ss "You look like an edgy Hillary Clinton" - @jaelynwhite

Quite the transformation tonight. Never felt so much pep in my life. The best football game I have ever been to. #IB #imadeitmom #tracklife

#mcm with the man who makes me the happiest girl in the world. ☺️😘 Discard the snapchat caption...inside joke😅

"It's perfect just as it is. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end." I'd like to formally say goodbye to Chaplin the Musical because it has been the biggest opportunity of my career so far. The cast and crew each have a special place in my heart and I will never forget them. This show has filled me with so much love, I can't even explain. I hope each and every one of them find what they are looking for in life because they completely deserve it.

Focus on Madeline's kitten not the freak that it's sleeping on. Every tech week should have kittens that sleep on you.

Missing that island right about now🌞

Love this dude way too much.❤️❤️

🌈"I like the island Manhattan." 🗽

From bean speedos to horrible wigs to "you dirty whore" to ballet that made me happy to new friends and new experiences to my love and to everything else in between. West Side Story was one for the books.

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