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Raquelé  ♊️



Swear to god, I could do a lot for ya🍃

It never feels real.. but visiting you keeps me focused. Life isn't easy unless you go out and make it easy. Gotta keep bettering myself & being someone you can be proud of. I know what you wanted for me & I'm trying. I've taken some wrong turns but your love & spirit brings me back on track. Life isn't fun and games no more. Watch. Love you❤️ #rip #myheart #pitbullpaws #princess #snow #longday #nothingtolose #onlytogain #pops #missyou


I know my style ain't perfect.
I know my smile ain't perfect.
Nigga ain't perfect, it's true.
Funny though I'm perfect for you.
All the drama seem worth it for you.
She put up with the shit like she work at the zoo, true..
Now what you crying for?
She says "you ain't gon' settle down, what you lyin' for?"
She want that old thing back.
Things ain't the same, think we both seen that.
Love is war, end up on the floor.
But baby you only lose when you don't swing back.
I say those word hoping that,
you fight for a nigga like I fight for you.
Like I fight temptations every night for you.
And though I slip, only girl in my life is you❤️ #sparkswillfly #loveyourselfgirlornobodywill

Life goes on...

🙇🏻💭Lets get high, blow it down, 6 feet. She could love me, well you know me. He can't love you when you're with me. Let me take you down, baby come and give me all. This is me now, forget about who they know. Never had a woman that had showed me love. So I never felt this feeling before. #imalwayshere #onlygoneforaminute

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