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I hate you, I love you.



What's done is done. You can only learn from your mistakes, so... Fuck 2016 and what I allowed. Did many things I regret but I will not stay ashamed.. Furthermore, who's to say you can't start over? You can do anything you want to. 2017 WILL bring me nothing but blessings. I can feel it in my bones. Although, I already have some plans in motion that effect all aspects of life; plans change, people change, your visions change.. who really knows what's definite to come. All I do know, is that I'm sticking to my intuition. She never lets me down. & Maybe I'll surprise myself.. I usually do. Learning, growing, motivated, and becoming more understanding everyday. Not much more I can ask for.. if no one got my back, I do. People won't always understand you but it doesn't mean your alone. #unique #2017 #nobullshit #justrealshit #theylovemeforareason



Swear to god, I could do a lot for ya🍃