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Richmond Animal Shelter (RAPS)  Richmond Animal Protection Society đź’ĄCity of Richmond BC Animal Shelter đź’ĄLargest cat sanctuary in North America www.rapsbc.com


Every animal deserves the chance to leave paw prints on someone's heart ... Spread the love and adopt a RAPS animal.
Can't adopt? Donate today and help give the gift of life to an animal in need.

Visit the link in our bio to help make a difference today!

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Isabelle, a Pit Bull Terrier recovering from catastrophic fire, has captured hearts ... Follow her on her path to recovery ... Click the link in our bio to view the latest update!

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A huge RAPS THANK YOU to Lyndon and Sharka, who donated their birthday money to the cats at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary!
This is the sixth year that these two true heroes to the cats have donated their birthday money to RAPS!
Thanks Lyndon and Sharka! Because you give … they live!
If you would like to be the next hero to a cat at the RAPS Cat visit the link in our bio and donate today!

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RAPS Cat Sanctuary is home to 100s of kittens and cats. KitKat's story shows why some of the residents end up with us. It has a happy ending because of your support.
When you give ... they live!

Click the link in our bio to read the new blog!

Visit our website RAPSBC.COM

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HUGE thank you to Jamieson's Pet Food who donated a full pallet of cat, dog and rabbit food to RAPS. :)

With just over 100 rabbits at the shelter, we are bursting at the seams!

Our amazing staff are bunny-lovers and do everything they can to provide the best quality of life for the rabbits under our care. Of course, nothing compares to a real home but we have implemented programs to enrich their lives as much as possible; they are rotated out in exercise pens, provided with homemade rabbit toys, bonded with a buddy or integrated into one of our colonies. Every rabbit at the shelter is spayed/neutered (when mature) and receives regular health checks.

Sitting in a cage in a shelter all day is a lonely existence. Many of our rabbits were once house rabbits; we really feel for these gentle animals who are so easily discarded.

Rabbits make wonderful pets; they are playful, curious and form deep bonds with those they trust. If you are interested in adding a rabbit to your household, please come visit the shelter! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss rabbit care with you (proper handling, diet, behaviour, exercise, grooming, living quarters, mental stimulation). #wabbitwednesday #bunny #bunnies #rescue #animal

It's #TipTuesday at RAPS! There are few things more heartwarming than affection across species. Click the link in our bio to our newest blog post, and discover how to introduce a new cat to the dog in your family.

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Adoption Update! <3

Kobe (formerly 'Lil Brandon') has become best friends with cat Kalix. How sweet!

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RAPS has currently accepted 14 cats from a private shelter that is winding down its operations. Another 6 arrived at the Sanctuary on the weekend -- with another 20 on their way. We're making room at the Sanctuary for them ... and we're making room on the Neko blog to introduce them to you!
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RAPS and Richmond city council celebrate Canada’s 150th!
Councillor Linda McPhail, Councillor Bill McNulty, RAPS CEO Eyal Lichtmann and Councillor Derek Dang mark the launch of our country’s 150th anniversary. RAPS has at least 150 reasons to be thankful for the support we get from the City of Richmond!

It’s a happy #ThrowbackThursday for Maximus (aka Lionel). Maximus was adopted into a family of two chihuahuas, a standard poodle, and a guinea pig.

He was originally returned with his sister, Layla, after being fostered-to-adopt initially from RAPS. He was returned at around six months of age because he "played too hard" and was "too much." We separated him from his sister when he came back because he needed to be neutered.
His new family chose him because he has the LOUDEST purr, the most gorgeous markings (we think he is half Bengal - he acts like it too) and the #1 reason ... his personality is as big as he is. He loves watching their guinea pig, lounging in his cat tree, and playing with water (he loves to go in the shower when it's on). He's NAUGHTY, and couldn’t be more perfect for this family, who love his big personality!

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Meet Frederick! We feel he must have some Maine Coon in him as, only at about a year old, Frederick is a BIG boy. He doesn't like other cats and can be a bit of a monkey with humans too.
Frederick is hoping to leave the shelter soon because his antics with the other cats have him put into caged 'time outs' a little too often than he would like. :) This boy needs a home that can keep him busy and entertained. No young children for Frederick, but we feel he could hold his own with a cat-savvy dog.

If you would like more information about Frederick, please contact us at 604-275-2036 or at info@rapsbc.com.

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