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This is the only picture I can find of my old Honda Accord (1998 vintage) - it's the dark purple car in the background. Old girl went over the auto rainbow bridge today; she had 240,000 miles on her and served us well. Hopefully she finds a new life with the people we donated her to. So long!

This guy's been messing with my wake-up schedule. Evidently 4:30 is the new 6am and he's been a talky, yowly, meowy #sebastianfuzzknuckle.

Everybody gots to do their morning thing: @cporterrr has his coffee and Opal has her milk!

On a day many of us are worried and unsure of what's next in our country, @ifthen and @astroshock welcomed baby Eloise into the world (though didn't take me up on adding Obama to her middle name). Happy birthday little Eloise!

Peace! But in all seriousness, President Obama will be missed in my house. Not only was he a shining example of American possibility, he was an ally, a force for social justice, and helped make it possible for me to marry the man I love. He executed his job with grace and vigor that will be sorely missed as we head into the wilderness years of American politics. Thank you, Mr. President. You gave Americans the strength, in Bobby Kennedy's words, to ask "why not?" when other people just ask "why?"

#sebastianfuzzknuckle LOVES his new perch looking out the front window. #guardcat

I made banana walnut cranberry bread for dessert last night. @scholastifunk suggested I turn the leftovers into French toast. The results. Were. Amazing! #dessertforbreakfast

Pork - it's what's for dinner! #chilicookoff2016

Christmas 2016 Hike. We've ventured out into nature on Christmas Day for quite a few years and were blessed with cold, foggy, but beautiful weather today.