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Went to @demarianyc and managed to order the one non-healthy thing on the menu. Also: managed to spill turmeric-egg sauce on my white jeans.

Scientific fact: It tastes better peeled. @sangleefarms

Fava bean toast situation by @jj__mc at a party for his new book Six Seasons. At the Vice HQ, which I'm ready to move into. @bonappetitmag x @munchies

While the rest of us were sitting at our desks today, staring at emails, this is what @csaffitz was getting up to. Challah! 🙌🏽

Whenever I manage to find my way into a restaurant kitchen, I always think of the title of Bill Buford's seminal book, Heat. Go behind the line, and the heat is intense and unrelenting. These two knee-high burners, at Mesa Grill in Vegas, are like a pair of jet engines on full blast. A few feet to the left, @bobbyflay was busy making softly-scrambled eggs with goat cheese and romesco for about 20 diners. Not pictured: the plates of pomegranate-glazed bacon, or the well-chilled clementine margaritas. #vegasuncorkd

When you fly over Lake Mead on your way to Vegas, and you always think to yourself, Man it would be great to get off the Strip this time and drive out into the dessert and go hiking or get on a boat and whatnot. And, yeah, well that never happens. Ever. I'll be here in Vegas the next four (four!) nights with the @bonappetitmag gang. Wish me luck.

When @andybaraghani makes a super extra-crispy skillet pizza in the BA Kitchen and tells you all about the fontina and mozzarella and baby broccoli rabe he layered on and how the egg needs three minutes in a 475-degree oven BUT conveniently forgets to mention the anchovies. 🤔

In terms of Instagram opportunities, it was $4 billion well spent.

So we threw this party last night in the BA Test Kitchen for @pizzacamp (aka Joe Beddia) and his awesome new book. And damn if this wasn't the tastiest pie of the night: white pizza slicked with an herby cream-based sauce, fresh and low-moisture mozz, fresh chard and then, post bake, a drizzle of pesto. And yes, this was fired in a basic, home oven--as in there ain't no reason you can't make it yourself. This particular pie courtesy of the inimitable @millennium_falco.

Sundae stop at Parkside Candy, or what @simoneshubuck likes to refer to as "the Ladurée of Buffalo." You know, minus all the macarons and dainty finger sandwiches and whatnot.

Sorry @andrewoknowlton, but I'm just not a big Ritz guy. That said, thanks to your grandma for the pimento recipe. 🙌🏽 #SundayattheMasters

Man, long week. And, yes, there's vodka in there.

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