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It's Monday and I'm hitting legs today and finishing of with some core exercises. High intensity with high volume it's what works for me. Legs are not one of my weak points but that doesn't mean u should skip them. Add them to your training and just go hard on the strong points also. People tend to skip the strong points and that is a no no for me. Bodybuilding is about building a physic and make your body look beautiful. This one is inspired of @artemusdolgin and it's gonna be brutal but that's okey for me because nothing comes easy. Put on the work and you'll see progress shining thru you. #golden #staystrong #behumble #staygolden #golden #era #bodybuilding #legs #monday #motivation #legday

Story of my life, written in small words but with a strong massage behind. You see when really understand life, when you really understand that everything that has happened to you, happens for a reason. Life wants to show you happy moments in every aspect but it's up to you to se them clearly and be thankful for them. Many people are not satisfied about what they have and those ones are struggling for happiness and when those people grow old they are still unhappy, why? They never noticed what was in front of them and they where never thankful for what they have. Even those small things can be much greater then those big things out there. Sometimes you need to pause, stand still, breathe, just open your mind clearly and see those small things in life because in the end those small things are those what makes life so beautiful. Stay humble and make those small moments in life be the most memory full. #life #humbleness #happinessiskey #stayhumble #inspiration #memoryfull #thankful

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