raoul raoul

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raoul  player of records. pusher of buttons. killer of tension. driver of control.

drone perspective.

goodbye olympus trip. disappointed me from the beginning. too many repairs. too many tries. you're done.

4.24am. colon exam prep part 2.

he(f)'s back.

loooong stroll. loved every mile. pure fucking joy.

last summer. can't wait for the next 200k bike ride. join us! 🚴

rise and shine.

feeling light. i had work to do so i procrastinated. at least i got a 50k run out of it.

a proper 30k on a cold saturday. 🏃i'm smiling because this was the only sunny moment during. i actually can't feel my hands right now.

treinleven. geschoten met een simpel analoog cameraatje.

christmas is about the presence not the presents.

happy holiday season.