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Lan!  pairing european ingredients and asian attitude

Im so happy to see you 우리나라

🇰🇷me izzzz coming me izzzz happy 🇰🇷

Hello! Someone knows someone who's looking for a flatmate in north London? Holla at me

I feel this good

Hey! I think you're really cool and i like you a lot

Pretty bb @rira__kim

I found this in front of a parking garage. Im going to work on this 🌹

Not having any music on my phone allowed me to look at Paris in a different way. I quite liked it

It's hawt 🔥🔥 as hell and i had too much iced coffee

This is the first photo i took with my new phone. Oh i broke my previous one, now im brok€ af

White on white on white

I feel like this today

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