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You have to say goodbye to the sun, to seeing and say hello to the moon. #sunsetlyfe

In case you miss me tonight 😂

@septianarrief took this photo after we walked in the middle of the night to found some food. Starving attacks 🤣

When I see your regretness 🤪

Focus on your own business, not the others. Including my eyelashes 🤪

If your fantasies are too high, tell God that I ask you to come back here. To the real world. See you soon💋 #nyinyirajalonin

2 and 8 are just a numbers 🤪

If you don’t have enough power to take responsibility, don’t you dare to do something that requires you to be responsible. See my face #garukgarukpala 🤪

Ignore my mengsong hijab. The word you’re looking for is ‘TOLERATE’ 🤪
📸: @rizkimunaf

This black color can covered my big fat tummy 🖤 but, I forgot ‘bout those chris jhon’s upper arms 🖕🏻
📸: @chayichii

Pengen maen lg gue jdnya @natasyananda19 @meryyulyanda 🤣 itu sumpah keras bgt gue ditabrak si vindy sama adi 😔

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