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Rania  {14} EYE ROLLER #twilight #natassatheodwridou #Delena #tvd

rip, still can’t believe what happened..😓💔💔 #ripxxxtentacion

“Oh sunshine you look pathetic..” ~Klaus Mikaelson. #tvd

“You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you..” ~Stefan Salvatore.

“I’m the devil in disguise” ~Klaus Mikaelson.

-How can I play if I don’t know the rules?
-No rules. Don’t you remember? No rules..

“Sweetheart, are we offending you?”
-Stefan Salvatore

Your greatness is not what you have, actually it’s what you give. <3 #to_soi_mou_mesa

Damn, your eyes.

Girl bye <3 We not beefing;( In order for us to beef u gotta be some type of competition <3 <3 <3

Little things mean a lot..👭💋

Λοιπόν, λέγε.. θες;

ποιά απόσταση ;

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