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WeWantRandyMarried.  Randy.🐙☺️// I swallowed Ryan Beaumont 😈💦

Ngl I don’t know what’s happened (call me a bad roadie all you want I’ve been busy with family) but I’m sure whatever he did isn’t bad or what’s happening isn’t bad and I know about the hate their getting so everyone just needs to chill and if you are hating please inform me on how that’s possible because what’s not to love about Andy fowler apart from the fact that he’s stolen our husband rye 😂😂 #weloveyouandyfowler @roadtriptv

They’re literally couple goals and I just love how they clearly aren’t hiding it anymore @roadtriptv

Not mine I dunno whose it is but I though everyone deserves to see this @roadtriptv

Probs not true I bet rye can cook but ... idk tbh 😂😭😂😭 @roadtriptv

Only roadies know // not pg // don’t mind the dirtiness if you aren’t like that // @roadtriptv

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