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My son, rather like me when I was little, prefers to try and sleep with plastic toys instead of stuffed animals. (Though he'll sleep with both) So here he is, taking a nap with his Bumblebee toy.

I can't believe I didn't hear that there was a remake of AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY until just now. I definitely have to check it out and see how it measures up to the original, which is easily my favorite Hindi film.

This arrived today as part of my Father's Day gift from @chaektori and it is a beaut. I love the artwork on the disc and the reverse artwork is excellent so I flipped it around.

The thirsty birthday boy at the zoo!

I can't believe I've lived long enough to see Blockbuster go from "that shitty chain video store you went to when you had no better options" to an object of such fond yet ironic nostalgia that Target now sells its logo on a t-shirt.

Nobody tell Ian, but these are his birthday presents. And the guy who sold me Baragon was so nice that when he heard it was for my son's birthday, he threw in the Godzilla & Kiryu Lego-style toy set.

Ian before, during, and after his much needed haircut.

Looks like someone missed the garbage can when trying to toss out their trash at the gas station. But it's OK, I took care of it.

Well, I mean, yeah. Kinda hard to end up in Hell when you don't believe in it.

Ian and his best bud, Quincy, from last evening. Admittedly Ian was mostly trying to push away wild, excitable Quincy in these photos, but he also had a great time petting him.

Thanks to a work prize, my coffee mug has a double meaning.

Let it never be said that I don't have my thumb on the pulse of popular culture.

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