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Randi Owens  The road less traveled is more interesting to walk. TX → AR → CA → CO ✦ Interior Design

Clar·i·ty | n. | The quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound. #sigsauerp320 #ruger380 #girlswithguns

Very often I reflect on this very entertaining day, how exciting it was for us to have our friend groups from different schools merge and how surprised everyone was that because of church, we were already family. It's been a long time since this particular day but it will forever be sketched in my mind.. My heart breaks for the Lightfoot family. I only want to ask anyone who reads this to stop what their doing and take a minute to say a special prayer for Gayle, Victoria, Kevin and all the people out there that have loved Ross.

Two may technically be my cousins while the other two married my strange brothers, but I'm missing my sisters a lil extra today #tbt #family #sweatpantsforthewin

Ever wonder what your dog does while home alone? Well, when they loose the ability to hear you come in you'll learn. #guarddogonduty #elderlydog

Life of a dog.

"Alright, I'm putting my paw down. Don't you dare go to work today." -Sophia. #snowday #nope #ditchedher

You can keep growing up, I like who you continue to become. HBD Kathy!

We were separated for a whole week. So now she lets me do anything, like hold her on her back. #truelove

Find the few people in the world that can make your face do this and don't mess it up 😘

This smile is everything! If you don't know Mr. & Mrs. Lake then let me tell you what you're missing out on.. the pleasure of witnessing such an immensely pure love.

Happy birthday to my #1

Not only is she one of my favorite people but today is this kind, courageous, intelligent and beautiful lady's birthday! So.. happiest of birthdays, Charli! Still missing my lil 😘