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Randall Ajimine  All photos taken on my iPhone 6 via instagram app.


Last dish in San Diego.

Writing tools.

I love that the only red shirt I own is a Sex Nerd Sandra shirt. #internationalwomensday

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

Last dish for this trip. The Bi Bim Bap is just okay, but the galbi short ribs are outstanding!

OMG, artisanal (made in-house) "Spam" musubi. It's the Platonic ideal of musubi. Behind it, spicy tuna musubi and a solid (as in not fancied up - simple as it should be) mac salad. Seattle needs one of these RIGHT NOW!!! #cheapeats #foodbliss #brokedamouth

PDX breakfast, part 2.

PDX breakfast.

REALLY interesting (in a good way), Yuzu, citrus-style ramen. As subtle as tonkotsu is bold. #nom

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