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best friend // best days

this is me being an aunt. these are the faces we make when my oldest nephew throws a bat practice swinging at his t-ball game and then falls over.

summer featuring friends

the face you make when you're finally finished with finals!!!

we haven't slept since Saturday but we live together and we're half way surviving so happy finals week!!!!!

summer we're ready for you

happy birthday to the sweetest of sweet pea's! even if you've gotten sassier and prettier than me over the years I guess I'll keep you around. can't wait to see the things you'll accomplish in the next few years. you make the world a little brighter and my heart a little happier. remember now that you're 18, you're old enough for real jail so no more felonies 😉

bathing dogs is my life calling

From the first time I saw you, you melted my heart. We drove in a snow storm and smuggled you into our hotel the first night. You were cute and cuddly then. Now you're low key a terrorist but that's okay too, you're cute enough to destroy all of our lives. #nationalpuppersday

from tuscaloosa to tulsa//from being a stranger to being my go to//come back asap I forgot how to life without you

it's only been a few days and I already miss my best friend. there's not a single childhood memory that doesn't have you and your brother in it. thanks for helping me remember the good times 💕

Get you some friends like mine. The ones who love you more than you love yourself most days. The ones who sacrifice sleep to stay up and talk. The ones who make you realize you're not a statistic or as broken as you may think. Thankful for these sweet souls and all of their patience with me over the years.

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