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our camping weekend was many things. "clean" was not one of them. (lots and lots of pics on the site today; link in profile)

here is me, sitting on the roof of my car somewhere along I-5, holding signs and yelling and generally looking completely nuts. i am aware I look ridiculous; i felt ridiculous doing this. but we did it anyway, because we believe - massively, deeply - in the mission behind the #marchforscience. and it seemed to us that just because we weren't near a major city on that particular day, it was still important to demonstrate, and to say to whoever was there to hear us that #sciencematters. i think there's a sense that if you're not in one of the central locations (washington, nyc, maybe San Francisco) for a march than there's really no way to participate, but...i guess i just believe that any protest - even if it's just you, parked on the side of a highway and yelling from the roof of your car - matters. maybe you're in an area (like, say, a random town along I-5) where an anti-trump voice would be in the minority, or maybe there's just no formal, organized way to protest in your area: you can still be heard, simply by saying that you won't be silenced. #nevertrump #protestmarch #marchforscience #sciencematters #factsmatter (oh and also: #showusyourtaxes you fucking jerk)

i only married him for his muscles 😍

on the road again. (and having our own #marchforscience on IG stories on the way βœŠπŸ»πŸŒπŸ”¬) #sciencematters #factsmatter #nevertrump

munchkins munching. #camplife

i'm literally in the middle of the woods right now and have no idea whether this'll actually post, but there's info on the site today (link in profile) about our The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People tour stops in the ny area next week. first up, on thursday at 7pm we'll be at @housingworksbks with @emilybooks & @ylondagault talking about writing and parenting. SUPER excited and would love to see you there! #bigactivitybook #booktour

virgil, experiencing a new and profound kind of joy πŸ€— (also i am literally dropping him off at the groomers on the way home 😳😳😳) #campingwithdogs

when on a #roadtrip, always brake for truly great fields. #wideopenspaces


k, three things: 1) the simultaneous consumption of wine and coffee is completely acceptable, 2) if you click over to the site via the link in my profile you can hear my interview with @atomicmoms in which we talked about...um, everything, and 3) i'm going camping tomorrow morning and camping is something Adults do. i love camping, but i have never been the go-to adult dealing with, like...packing. and food preparation. can you please give me tips on what to bring so we don't starve or get eaten by a bear?

my total house facelift is finished and i literally (literally!) could not be any more 😍😍😍😍 over it. eeeeeeee. (direct link in profile if you'd like to check it out.) #ranchhouse #mortarwash #germansmear #exteriordesign #renovations #homerenovation #diydecor #midcenturyhouse

marriage is hard - so hard that sometimes it feels impossible. it's so consuming that when it doesn't seem to be working, there's no lonelier place to be than right next to the person you promised to spend forever with. it takes so much work, especially when the person you married is the only thing you recognize in the brand-new life that you've found yourself in - but over and over again, i'm discovering that it's worth it. (wrote a bit more about this on the site today.)

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