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my children are ridiculously adventurous eaters (seriously, what they are doing in this photo is eating WHOLE RAW OCTOPUS 😳😳😳), but they are weirdly picky about some things. like milk: they won't drink milk, ever, except for in highly specific situations involving @fairlife superkids. exactly what i do to get milk in them (plus more octopus-eating pics, obviously) are on the site today - direct link in profile. #fairlife #ad πŸ“· @photosbykime

GET. IN. THE CAR. @motherlucker_

#sponsored today, i'm teaming up with #rogaine to talk about something nobody ever wants to talk about: hereditary hair loss. in women. it's like the great taboo, and i know how embarrassing it can be, because i've been dealing with it for a few years now. the fact that i've been so embarrassed by it is also why i think it's important to be open about it, because seriously: why all the shame? and also because if you start treating it at the first signs of thinning, you can get ahead of the problem. if you follow the link in my profile you can see a photo that makes me honestly cringe to share and read about my decision to start using - yes - rogaine (for women - they have a specific product for us). no shame, ladies. embrace it, and get after it. #rogaineforwomen #hairlosssolutions

just realized my son starts kindergarten in THREE WEEKS. (and this one - sob - heads off to preschool for the first time shortly afterward.) summer, stayyyyyy!

in a future life, my home will be full of secret hiding spots ✨ #regram @audreyscheck

@kendrickstrauch gets the good sport of the day award πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

weekend plans: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

now that's a flying fish 🐟

what you see here is one of my childhood (ok, lifelong) dreams coming true. my neighbor raises chickens, which means that every once in awhile i get to snuggle a two-day-old chick, and it is every bit as glorious as you'd imagine. ps this little smooch isn't named yet - suggestions???? @alisagillilan @erinlchapman #babychick #adorablestagram ps cutest videos everrrrr are on my stories.

catching the breeze with my baby ✨

they've been playing together nicely for five whole minutes. i'm going to assume this is the calm before the (sand)storm. β˜€οΈ #capitolabeach #beachin #californialove #beachbabies

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