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truth 😴

practicing our egg collection skills so our day-of game is πŸ‘ŠπŸ». everything here is from @hm kids spring collection, and eeeeeeee to all of it. (lots more shots of our egg hunt pregame on the site; direct link in profile) 🐰🐣🌷🌼πŸ₯š #HMKids #ad #easterbunnies #springstyle

kendrick is constantly telling me that he's horrified by how i sleep. i never believed him. so he took a video, and i have no words (except maybe "sorry , lucy" ) 😐 #zenAF #sleepingbeauty #partyallnight

mondayzzzzzz 😴

ikea trip recap 😳

family trip to ikea is happening. this is obviously going to be terrible, so here is a pretty photograph of flowers. 🌷


so it turns out that against all odds, cleaning your garage is a recipe for a high-drama day. (life lesson learned: there are some dark corners that should perhaps remain unexplored.) thank you, @clorox, for making a seriously unglamorous job bizarrely fun 😳 #springcleaning #getdirty #ad

on the schedule today: getting my house all wonderful-smelling for spring (and trying to ignore the fact that it's presently rainy and cold outside). oh and see that flower arrangement on the left? i made it myself. #bam (ok, my son helped.) the how-to is up on the site! 🌷 @clorox #springcleaning #flowerarranging #ad

texted this pic to k because i needed him to see how much i am dressed like i was on our first date (minus the ten pounds of clip-in hair 😬). posting it here bc i'm wearing zero skin makeup and my face has not looked like this since....well, since november 9, when the trumples first made their appearance. laser treatments = πŸ’―. allllso, i'm over on ig stories today getting all up in my kitchen cabinets with @clorox. come hang out :)

too often (way too often) i find myself saying "no& #34; to my kids because whatever they're asking to do "wasn& #39;t in the plan." @campbellswellyes has a new campaign, #wellyesmoment , that encourages people to say "yes& #34; to those tiny (but so, so important) moments in the day that are what make life beautiful, and i love everything about this philosophy. say yes to pirate fights on the bed, always. #campbells #ad

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