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At my desk with the windows open to enjoy the smell of the approaching rainstorm and do some ✍️ in this moody light. Happy Friday!

Connections connections parallels connections new stuff old stuff life.
☃️☃️⛄️ Back in the Midwest and hoping for a fresh snowfall ❄️❄️❄️

I've been playing with patterns for a series of envelope liners this week, and stumbled into this wild magic 🦄 Just a weird and wacky digital sketch but also the burst of new ideas, new possibilities to explore.
Did you have any discoveries or new curiosities that hit this week? Would love to hear about them -- or about what sparked them if they're top secret 🕯

Returning to abstracts, because it's been a while & I need them in my life 〰

Thinking about these words and the powerful voice of the 9 year old Syrian refugee who wrote them. I found it so moving, maybe you will too. 👉Link in profile👈 to her performing this poem, and read more poetry by writers from the Muslim Ban countries after the video.
At 9 years old, she's a powerful force for compassion, consideration of the other and equality. An inspiration to listen, take action, and not to let up.
#nobannowall #neveragain #refugeeswelcome #immigrantsarewelcomehere #resist

Proud to be one strong voice in a sea of hundreds of thousands (edit, millions!) of strong voices marching across the world for equality and justice today.
Because "I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own." -Audre Lorde
#womensmarchla #womensmarch #womensmarchlosangeles #whyimarch

Together we rise, again and again. See you in the streets tomorrow, Los Angeles. #womensmarchla #womensmarch

Ever seeking, finding, adjusting & refining 🔄

Here's a big pile of sunshine for you snowbirds 🌞 Loving this rich ochre envelope with a custom mixed forest green ink.

Every damn day.

Hello Friday 👁 Relishing some small joys over here, listening to wind gusts and wind chimes and sipping tea while cranking on some work. 👁 How are you, how's your day? 👁

From yesterday's sunset, sun down on my 29th birthday! We joyfully soaked in all that magical light and sea air to mark the occasion, and spotted some dolphins off the coast.
28 has been a strange year full of re-learning, growth and repair. I don't have the words for it, but know it was transformational and that the transformation is on-going. (Isn't it always! 💖) Feeling deeply grateful for the journey and for all the people I journey with.
Thank you all for your endless encouragement and support this past year. It has been such a joy to share this virtual space with you all! To 29 and endless slices of cake for breakfast. 🍰