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I sat in a very limited spot, a little over an hour, awhile ago and there was a heavy overcast along the horizon. The water in the lake hasn't subsided yet after the typhoon so there were a dozen other photographers beside me who weren't leaving their spots waiting for the sunset. Unfortunately, nature decided not to pop the usual beautiful sunset in this spot.

The bunch of highly geared photographers beside me told me that they travelled so far to get to this location only to find out that they can hardly find anything interesting to shoot and they just vented their frustrations. Me I just did what what I have to do and made the most out of it while listening to their complaints and difficulties on the side. After awhile I decided to leave my spot and told them... dudes just shoot. I showed them this shot from my #nikonD810 camera. The loudest guy asked... when did you take that shot? I said while you were ranting and before the boatman decided to paddle off 😊

I am NEITHER a PRO nOR an AMATEUR photographer. I'm just a guy with a camera who loves to shoot and find ways to make the ordinary subjects, extraordinary through my lens.
#AkoAngTuristaSaSarilingBayan ❤🇵🇭

Now I know who's chewing the leaves of my plants and messing with my garden and I think a little lady named Gab is keeping this little secret from me 😊 #gab #manuuuh

MY NEW PHOTOGRAPHY COMBO: NikonD810 and Tamron f/2.8


My photo entry for "Pamatid Uhaw" (Thirst Quenchers) under the Litratistang Pinoy Photography Group - Photo Contest. We'll see how this one goes.
#AkoAngTuristaSaSarilingBayan ❤🇵🇭

Perspectives are just impressions of the eye. If you appreciate the total picture more than its details you can see the magnificence beyond the imperfection hidden the behind the illusion.


BPCC (Batangas Province Camera Club) 14th Year Anniversary Shoot

Happy 14th Year Anniversary mga kaBPCC

MakeUp #lourmendoza

I just want you to see things the way I see it. To many travellers this is just an airport... to me it's a place to shoot endless angles and art.

I definitely look like a crazy person sitting, kneeling and many times crouching... waiting to get a clearing of my shot in a place occupied by crowding people.
Timing is of the essence and patience is key to take home shots like these. Besides what else can you do while waiting for your flight home.

So the next time you're waiting for your flight, go look for C.L.A.P.S. Curves. Lines. Angles. Points. Shadows.

The Bund or Wàitān in Shanghainese is a long stretch of waterfront area in the heart and central Shanghai. The area along the river showcases the modern skyscrapers of Pudong District. Thousands and thousands of people flock to this major tourist attraction everyday to be mesmerized by these cityscapes.
I had 2 colleagues whom I have given a crash course on photography so they can bring home #shotsthatmatter by using the basic photography principles on composition. They took home almost the same shots as I did... and they were very happy.

The joys that photography gives me is best achieved when young photographers learn and bring home their take home shots through the simple things that I taught them. If they repeat this process and experience, I can say my happiness continues as they take my role of mentoring a newbie photographer. To me this should be the end in mind of every learned photographer. I believe that my skills in photography is best tested if I am able to teach or pass on the skill to another person... unconditionally. If my learner makes it good, then I can tell myself that I have been a good photographer.


Fluor China is celebrating its 40th year anniversary. Allow me to showcase our Shanghai office through my lens from an angle they may not have seen yet or will see the first time.

This is my own simple way of expressing my support to my fellow Fluor employees and colleagues in China. #congratulationsFluorChina

SELF REFLECTION is never time wasted as this is always an intimate time for yourself. After a busy working week, always find time to pause, let go of work, do the things that makes you happy so you can recharge for the week ahead. Pursue the simple yet meaningful activities that will make you laugh or be with the person or people that will pamper you either through words or actions. #gobeakideveryweekend #eatandbumaround #weekendphotowalk

Life's experiences are passages to learning and it is up to us when we want to cross every path there is. Wisdom comes at the end of each passage and this process inagurates the impulse of our growth. Our growth awakens our provoking consciousness to experience more so we can learn more. In the end, life's passages are meant to enable us to pursue the never ending dimensions and the many unknown truths of maturity.

#deep #thinkingcapon

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