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There is a natural order to human conflicts.  We can always fight the same way our society has evolved over the years of battles and endless wars or we can try to understand the way our society should have truly started and evolved.  Similar to a change management process, trying to distinguish who is the teacher and who is the learner gets in the order of things and ironically learning becomes secondary. You may never understand my abstract  because you are not me and I ain't you... but if you can see a speck of beauty from my shadow then there's more to talk about than the conflicts that surrounds us. #listenbeforeyouspeak #followbeforeyoulead #hdr_lory #world_besttravel #best_moments_sunset #total_boat #_lookatme_thesun #boats_super_pics #sunset_greatshots #police_landscapes #world_in_bl #super_sunset_channel #myplanet_hdr #sunset_in_bl #vision_world #igmw_skies #eye_for_earth #total_shot #world_great #loves_earth #sky_hues #total_pairs #magical_beauties #hey_ihadtosnapthat #moon_sunset #sight_colour #best_sunset_shotz #snaps_standard #estaes_asia #photographia_natura 2

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To me NORMS are just references and guides but it doesn't mean that just because it is there everyone has to follow it, especially if it defeats the purpose of what you wanted to do in your life. People sometimes just do the what is easy and compromise their personal satisfaction and sense of achievement. Me, I would rather do things the hard way even if it means breaking the norms but in the end I preserve what I believe in and what makes perfect sense for the greater majority. #thankyouhrteamcebu #myshotmyrules #dontshoottheobvious #hardearnedachievement

I am nothing without them. #oneHR

After a day and a half, we envision to become a trusted partner that provides strategic and value-driven HR ptograms and solutions for our customers in FLUOR Asia Pacific.

We are a team that attracts, enables and engages people through fit-for-purpose HR programs. We consciously deliver our commitments to our customers with integrity and genuine service. We are unique as we build on each other's strengths and support each other's weaknesses and we all grow in an environment of collective accountability and continues learning.
We value "S.I.T.E.S" SAFETY, INTEGRITY, TEAMWORK, EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE. By maintaining safety in everything we do, we will all go home the same way we left our house. We practice what we preach by not compromising our credibility. We are stronger together and we are ONE HR. We consciously pursue perfection to achieve team greatness. We exist for our customers and this defines our belief for servant leadership.
We are the HR leaders of FLUOR DANIEL INC. PHILIPPINES and I am proud to become a part of this team. #iAmFluor

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Once we submit to the fact that relationships aren't finite the thought of losing one becomes immaterial... the end will come no matter what. For me what matters though is how you go out... either you choose to be on your knees or on your feet. I don't bend when I am right. END. SAMSUNGS8+PHOTO. #sunrise_and_sunsets #addictedto_nature #world_bestangels #dm_photolife #sight_colour #estaes_asia #h2o_natura #magical_beauties #loves_your_shotz #ig_monumentalworld_skies #sunset_in_bl #sunset_creative_pictures #best_sunset_shotz #snaps_standard #fotographia_natura #natura_stop #hey_ihadtosnapthat #moon_sunset #total_shot #masters_in_photography #world_in_bl #travelling_sunset #world_photographerss #sky_hues #world_great #harte_ace #loves_united_philippines #sky_sea_sunset #loves_sunset #loves_earth

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WHAT KEEPS US TOGETHER? At work we've always worked as a team where we build on each other's strengths and supported each other on our weaknesses. Outside of work though we've treated each other like a family. I will always be proud of who you are today girls and I will forever be your number one fan. You are whom I believe you were meant to be many, many years ago and today you are the HR leaders I saw and believed. I am just here and rest assured that if you need my help you won't ask twice. It was a simple yet meaningful annual HR gathering. #hrAnnualReunion #AnnualGiftgiving #AnnualTeamBonding

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