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Fluor Cina is celebrating its 40th year anniversary. Allow me to showcase our Shanghai office through my lens from an angle they may not have seen yet or will see the first time.

This is my own simple way of expressing my support to my fellow Fluor employees and colleagues in China. #congratulationsFluorChina

SELF REFLECTION is never time wasted as this is always an intimate time for yourself. After a busy working week, always find time to pause, let go of work, do the things that makes you happy so you can recharge for the week ahead. Pursue the simple yet meaningful activities that will make you laugh or be with the person or people that will pamper you either through words or actions. #gobeakideveryweekend #eatandbumaround #weekendphotowalk

Life's experiences are passages to learning and it is up to us when we want to cross every path there is. Wisdom comes at the end of each passage and this process inagurates the impulse of our growth. Our growth awakens our provoking consciousness to experience more so we can learn more. In the end, life's passages are meant to enable us to pursue the never ending dimensions and the many unknown truths of maturity.

#deep #thinkingcapon

ONE PHOTO WISH GRANTED... at 42° centigrade, over a thousand swarming visitors and tripod not allowed, it wasn't easy BUT i managed to take home a few good shots. To my fellow photographers who also want to shoot this place: be there as the venue opens so there will be less swarming crowd, the light is soft to see better reflection of the Taj and the beaming sun won't dehydrate you. Check in at any hotel in Agra so you can queue way early at the entrance. I arrived 8ish in the morning from a 3.5 hour travel by land. The sun was tremendously hot already at this time of the day and there were so many people in and out of the Taj. To take this shot I had to patiently wait under the sun and it was indeed challenging. Umbrellas, tripod, advance cam gears and the like are not allowed so you become the human tripod. BUT... IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.


transitive verb
: postpone

intransitive verb
: to make a stopover

I'll have to lay over in Hong Kong airport for 5 hours and find ways to make myself busy.

First use: 1838

Synonyms: defer, delay, hold off (on), hold over, postpone, put off, shelve

#buryong #hanapngmagawa #nasacheckinluggageangyosi #ya-re

The most important part of our life's journey are usually the ones that are the hardest to achieve. So if you are going to try... man... just go all the way, no ifs, no buts.




Ang tunay na KALAYAAN ay hindi nasusukat sa kung anong gobyerno tayo napapaloob sa ngayon.
Ang pagiging malaya ay nagsisimula sa ating sariling kaisipan at sinusukat sa kung papaano natin ito isinasabuhay dulot ng mga mumunting aral at pakikibaka ng mga ating ninuno na minsa'y nagsugal ng kanilang mga buhay para natin makamit ang ating kasarinlan.

Ang ating dahan dahang paglimot o ang hindi natin pagpapahalaga sa mga adhikain ng ating mga ninuno ay maihahalintulad natin sa isang unos na siyang kikitil sa tunay na diwa ng pagiging malaya.
Nawa ay palagi nating sariwain ang mga akdang kaisipan, marangal na pamumuhay at makataong pakikipag kapwa na noong araw ay siyang nagbuklod sa atin upang maging isang malayang bansa at mga malayang mamamayan ng ating inang bayan.
Ang wagas na kasarinlan bilang isang mamamayan ay palaging nagsisimula hindi sa gobyerno subalit higit ay sa bawat isa sa atin. Ang pagiging malaya ay hindi isang kaisipan... ito ay isang aral na kinakailangang isinasabuhay at ito ay nag-uugat... sa ating ISIP, SALITA at sa GAWA.

AKO AY ISANG MALAYANG PILIPINO AT AKO ANG TURISTA SA SARILING BAYAN ❤🇵🇭 #tuklas_pilipinas #loves_united_philippines #loves_philippines #wanderingph

When you're in Oslob, Cebu and if you are fond of street photography, you wouldn't want to miss this 1899 Spanish ruins for your take home shot. The construction of this barracks was never completed and was completely halted as the Americans started to occupy the Philippines. Built from coral stones, this structure is now a major tourist spot in Cebu. I recommend nightime rather than daytime photography as there will be more angles, lines and shadows you can play with.




I grew up seeing this beautiful wild plant called MAKAHIYA (mimosa pudica or sensitive/shame plant) along the fields near the store of Ka Intang in Batangas City. Their leaves folds inward and droop when touched or shaken. It was a a blissful moment when I saw this as we were trekking the path along Sergio's Strawberry Farm in Dalaguete, Cebu. It brings back a lot of memories growing up with my siblings.

A tribute post for my brothers Pabo, Dups, Budok and our dear sister Brando ❤😁 AKO ANG TURISTA SA SARILING BAYAN ❤🇵🇭

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