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From @reneirysantiago’s series ✨ REBIRTH ✨ via @girlgaze - @tarapre

Forget about the rest 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ (@girlboss) - @tarapre

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#Repost @corinneloperfido: In addition to the fact that I’m using up-cycled materials instead of the new plastic jewelry I was making for the past few years, it is especially interesting to me to be using “lingerie” from my mothers / grandmothers generation and adding to the current conversation of “what women wear”. Clothing and the way we wear it is part of our cultural expression and it can be a way to be vocal about who you are / what you believe in without using words. I wear what would typically be considered lingerie as my public clothes on a daily basis, and a lot of my friends and peers do too. It’s 2018 - everything has come in and out of style so many times and global cultures have collided so the “rules” of fashion are pretty open at this point.
I went to @auberginevintage and got a bunch of pieces to paint on, including things that had some type of imperfection that made them not valuable to sell as they were. I am taking old things and giving them new life, and also calling for other people to really think about how much they buy and discard and who they are hurting or helping with their shopping habits. Fast fashion falls apart quickly or goes out of style quickly - and the supply chain from the resources + labor it takes to create and the inevitable quick discarding of these goods is destroying our planet and all the people and animals and plants on it. Why do we continue to support it even though we all know it is bad? What excuse do we have for destroying the planet? Because we want what we want and we want it now?
We are what we eat.
We are what we buy.
We vote with our dollars.
We can not continue to support the new new new and getting everything we want for the lowest dollar...
Let this be a friendly reminder to #supportsmallbusiness #supportwomen #supportindependentartists and be accountable for your actions. We are creating the future we want to exist, what are we going to put our energy towards?

TBT @badgalriri X #royalwedding 🤣🤣🤣 (via @pengslut) - @tarapre

Potentially extremely accurate🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ (via @girlboss) - @tarapre

EMBRACE LOVE 💕EMBRACE YOURSELF 💕 (@faerthurin) - @tarapre

💖 IMPORTANT ADVICE 💖 (by @nataliebyrne) - @tarapre

“When there’s a consistent erasure of your story from popular culture, you start to think your story, your love, your fears, your existence don’t matter. Walking in someone else’s ill-fitting shoes, forever living through their experience, their eyes, their lens can be exhausting and uncomfortable. Plus, bunions ain’t cute in any shade, boo. Which is why I’m tired of the white cis straight women in romantic comedies teaching me how to love. No shade Sarah, I’ve worn your shoes and seen through your lens my whole life. So, here’s mine. Here’s how I love.” 🌈 BEAUTIFUL WORDS BY @itsarifitz who features in the image by @christingaling (@girlgaze / @femsoc_) - @tarapre

“I wish I could wear shorts like every other girl whenever I feel like it. Or even a bikini. I fear that my first boyfriend will find it gross. I just hope one day I can learn to accept this because trust me I'vea tried all the damn home remedies out there”. (Anon via @thenakediaries) - @tarapre

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