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Ramit Sethi  CEO & New York Times best-selling author.

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We have an IWT tradition that I love. I always wanted to build the kind of company where we could connect with our readers — even as we grew. So whenever we roll out a new course, I personally call the first customer to thank them for their business. For our new GrowthLab course, READY SET EVERGREEN, our first student was Larry Lee, who’s bought over 15 of our courses. Larry, welcome back!

Something I wish I learned 20 years ago. What’s something you could have been more honest with yourself about in the past?

The I Will Teach You To Be Rich Kindle book is $1.20 on Amazon right now (link in bio). Automate your money within 6 weeks including savings and investing. Tag a friend who this book would help!

(Turn audio on) Yesterday we launched a new IWT ritual: The first student of any new course we launch gets a personal thank-you call from me.
I wanted to do this to show our appreciation for our students and let them know how important they are to us.
Our first student for our new Behind The Sales Page course is Brett D., who's joined many of our courses. I got his voicemail, but left him a thank-you message. Later that day, he called back and left me a voicemail, which he allowed me to share publicly. I shared this with the IWT team first so they can see the impact they have on our students’ lives.

My trainer @chriscoulsonfitness and I cut a bunch of weight to get shredded so now all we do is work out and talk about the food we’ll eat one day. This is me after he spent 7 minutes talking about pizza

Apparently I was on a commercial during the Olympics. I had no idea until my friend Steve told me. Also I think that’s my passport photo.

Happy New Year! Let’s make it the best year yet. Leave a comment below with one new thing you want to do this year!

Happy Halloween! If you don't know who Tevin Campbell, New Edition, or Troop are, my costume will make no sense to you (Turn volume up)

I love peeling back the layers of the very best to show you how masters do it. Check out this video excerpt of a new course we just released, Mental Mastery, to show you how to build natural confidence. Full video link in bio.

Welcome to Forefront, our annual conference with hundreds of top performers. Follow along on my IG stories and #forefrontevent

Considering using LinkedIn as a new channel. Am I doing this right

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