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Ramin Karimloo  🇮🇷 🇨🇦 🇬🇧 In-Transit in 'Anastasia' on Broadway 💍 @mandykarimloo


Ahhh .... that's better. ❤️ @mandykarimloo #wife #love #friend #beautiful #nyc #anastasia #opening

Known these boys since they were born. They've aged. Their father Paul taught me a lot back in the day of our cruise ship contracts and still haven't heard someone sing Queen as good as him at 11am in the morning. He's as good as a friend as one can ask for. I'm lucky he's been mine my entire adult life. Here we are backstage in my dressing room @anastasiabway jamming with them. This one I know my little H will love the shout out for. #maxandharvey @maxandharveyofficial

Today's 2500 meter row. Think I shaved 6 seconds off. Felt 89% percent worse. I guess that's a good thing. @jamesbrowniii has influenced this. Today rowed with @alec2austin ...full disclosure .. at one point I thought we lost him out at sea.

One of the most gifted actors whom I'm grateful to call friend @jonjonbriones he's currently giving one of the greatest performances of the season as the Engineer in @misssaigonus I can't wait to revisit once we open. ... brother it's like it was just last week we hung out ... not over 12 years. Oh my god ... 12 years!!!!!!!! 😳

Today's HIIT after our weight session. ------Bear Crawls into Unbalanced Kettlebell walk (two weights - carry double the weight at your side to the weight you hold above your head) into Suicide Sprints. ....... five rounds of this should get your heart going. @jamesbrowniii

Can not wait ... in just under 48 hours and two sleeps. Love's Last Shift. @mandykarimloo #nyc #wife #beautiful #perfect #friendship #love

So great seeing these boys over here in #nyc. Been lifelong family friends. #maxandharvey @maxandharveyofficial #musically Was great to jam with them. They get those great voices from their Father for sure ... looks from their Mother. 🤣 But their amazing humanity from a great family all around. 👏🏾

'Bear Crawls' ... to keep functional and @loughtonmovementclinic happy that I'm maintaining what they coached me on. 😘 This was part of our #hiit at the end.

Who knew 'suicide drills' would lead to such laughter. One of the reasons I workout daily as well is because of 'The Hang'. Friendship and connection while we support each other. It's a great part of my day l, spiritually as well as physically.

It's all about 'The Hang'. Filming with @jamesbrowniii a workout feature. Inspired by some Russian techniques for our isometric and pause reps to help with strength and condition. And Ring work which is just incredible for the whole body which I started to pick up back home in Essex @loughtonmovementclinic More to come. #teamgleb Also Chelsea Piers gym is probably the best athletic gym this city has to offer. Incredible facilities.

One more week of previews and then @anastasiabway officially opens on Broadway, April 24. So grateful for those who have supported us and equally excited for those who are still coming. Thank you, everyone.

A spectacular Sunday morning. 30 mins fasted jog in#centralpark To make it perfect would be adding @mandykarimloo and the boys. But amazing to see what Mother Sun does to a city. Just stunning. Free therapy.

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