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Baby 👼🏽 girl Jabaji coming September 2018. Here is Kai’s reaction to the news.

Scroll right for an epic mountain. Testing the multiple image feature on one of my panos from Mount Hood from last winter. I sure do miss this place!

Friends and Family... My photo "Vertigo" from Silver Falls has been selected as a finalist in the Oregon Wild photo contest. The winner will be selected based on the number of votes it receives. If you feel so inclined and genuinely enjoy this photo and my work, I'd love to have your support (a vote, a share, well wishes, anything). To vote, please follow the link in my profile. (you'll have to vote for your favorite picture in each category... my picture is on the third page in the "Water" category).

Forever Young – Maui, Hawaii
We’re about to see who actually reads these captions…
This picture is from this past summer’s Hawaii trip with my family and will always hold a special place in my heart. This past July my parents invited our immediate family to join them in Maui to get everyone together in paradise. It’s been years since we were all in the same place at the same time. Every morning and evening I would set off to catch sunrise and sunset in the hopes of capturing some of the beauty of the Island. On our last night together I decided to stay close to our rental house so we could quickly head out for dinner after sunset.
I decided to stroll down the beach a while and see what inspired me along the way. The low clouds hung around the horizon and it didn’t look like sunset was going to be anything special. As I walked down the beach a ways, I found this tree and instantly knew I wanted to shoot it. As I was setting up my tripod to capture this tree a kid walked directly into my frame…. Right as I was about to ask him to step out of the frame, he hopped up into the tree and gazed off into the sunset.
I was instantly transported back to my youth. That super innocent time when the world was full of possibilities and promise…. For better or worse, I’ve always been called a dreamer. Seeing this kid in the tree brought me back to my days of climbing trees and going on an adventure.
Which brings me to today… Chelsea and I recently found out we are going to be parents to a little boy, scheduled to enter this world in the middle of July. I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of dad I want to be and I hope to instill and inspire the same kind of potential and possibility into my son that my parents instilled in me. Work hard, be nice to people, and pursues your passions through a relentless curiosity. The first order of business for our baby’s room will be printing this picture as a constant reminder to stay forever young. Skinny little kid climbs onto a tree and takes a picture of himself with a beautiful sunset. Yup, definitely my kid in a few short years.

The day I got lost on Tom, Dick, & Harry Mountain with @terenceleezy and @lancerudge and almost didn't make it back to be able to tell this story. If you're interested, I've included a link in my Instagram profile to the full story. Scary scary day!

Top of the Hill - Burney Falls, CA

Here is a shot from May when @terenceleezy and I decided on a last minute road trip to the coastal redwoods in Northern California. As soon as I started looking for other photographic locations nearby, I knew I wanted to check out Burney Falls. We have plently of waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest, but I'm a sucker for them and can't resist the opportunity to stand in front of another one (especially one as stunning as Burney). Terence and I made our way down to the falls and started exploring comps from within the water. It was moving pretty strong that day so we had to bust out some crazy Yoga / Ninja poses to get into position for comps.
After shooting for a while from the stream, I worked my way back to the shore and was instantly drawn to the perspective I saw before me... where that single tree towered above the falls in the middle... right as the clouds formed a V pattern above the falls creating a nice balance to the V of the flowing water below.
This turned out to be one of the rare times when I actually liked one of my falls shots with the sky in it. Definitely one of my favorite scenes from that trip. I hope you enjoy!

Katana - Lower Lewis Falls, OR
Exceptionally low water levels at this monster waterfall created some new potential compositions, including a clean reflection in the calm (normally raging) stream. Two days after this the rain came in full force and completely changed the dynamics of this waterfall. That's one of the things I love best about shooting waterfalls. Always something different, even when visiting the same locations.

Rocket Ship - Wahclella Falls, OR

What it looks like I'm thinking: Wow. What an amazing and majestic waterfall. #blessed

What I'm actually thinking: please don't slip. This would be a terrible way to die.

Vertigo - Silver Falls State Park, OR

This is a shot I've attempted pretty much every time I've been to Silver Falls. I never really liked the results until this time around. The low water flow of lower south falls provided the right balance of water while still allowing you to see through the veil to the bowl of the falls and down into the creek during peak fall colors.

It's no secret I love waterfalls and I've always wanted a shot that provided the feeling of standing behind one of these amazing scenes of nature. Awesome day out with @terenceleezy @justinmpoe @lancerudge. Check out their photos from here. All amazing photographers.

Sign of the Times - Silver Falls State Park

For the past few years I've tried to time these conditions just right. Fall in Oregon is not always predictable and consistent around the state. While doing some exploring a few weeks back south, I noticed the color was much better than the gorge.

I met up with some amazing photographers @terenceleezy @justinmpoe and @lancerudge to make the run down to Silver Falls State Park. The water levels were exceptionally low compared to this time last year, but the fall colors were out in full force. This was the first shot I took that day and it ended up being one of my favorites from the trip. Already excited to get out and explore some more this weekend.

Bubbles In the Sky - Portland, OR
This morning's sunrise over the wonderful city of Portland! Ready to get out and explore this weekend.

Coming Up Roses – Portland, Oregon

Sunday night was probably the single greatest sunset I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Definitely the best I’ve ever seen in PDX and the first time I’ve ever seen mammatus clouds (upper right corner) here. It had so much character and morphed into different textures and colors over the course of 30 minutes (see @terenceleezy ’s awesome shot from a few minutes after this). This is a single exposure (no blending, no compositing, no shifting or moving clouds). Just mother nature putting on an amazing light display while I was lucky enough to be able to witness and capture it. If you enjoy this image, please feel free to share.
Read below for the story on how I got this image:

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