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Jeremy 🏃  : how humans occupy 🌆urban x 🗻nature : ordinary stories from the ever-changing +852 📧 jeremylife@gmail.com


"HK: Reflections Through Time"
I'm honoured & happy to announce my photography exhibition along with two very talented artists during this Spring 😄My project is called ‘Hong Kong: Hopes and Fears’ which features a collection of my Black & White multiple-exposure film works, intending to explore the boundaries between abstraction & reality.
(翟偉良大師 Master Chak with his awesome selection of precious pictures from 1960s' HK, & Wing @winglukwong with his beautiful urban sketches of the project 'Old Town HK')
➡️ Exhibition dates: 23/2 - 23/4, 2017.
Venue: "theDesk", 511 Queen’s Rd W. (HKU MTR Station Exit B2)
Feel free to come visit 🙏🏼
*Link in my bio*
(Please DM me or contact @thedeskhk if you plan to come on weekends)
Also thanks @photatohk for the quality prints & framing 🙏🏼
Last but not least, thanks to all friends who came to the opening last week 🙏🏼😊 (esp. to my cousin @inbra911 who helped me with the delivery & is now back to Sydney)

it just happened to be a rainy night & I got a camera in hand.

come back to earth.
一七。初春 某天。日與夜。
this ordinary is no ordinary.

Don't lose hope.
Stay alive.
( probably the last of my "cloud sea X city" series. hope you enjoyed it 🙏🏼😊)

the peak hour.

🌑☁️ see the black cloud engulfing a laputa-like city? it looks like a familiar place... but it doesn't look like it anymore...
( we cannot condone any act of lawlessness under all circumstances & regardless of political stance. that's the bottom line/core value of this city. I'm with many fellow citizens who are utterly disappointed with the police's rally last night (30000-ppl...what!?) ... where's your conscience? ) .
2017.2.23 #rambler_00

life seems too short to save the best for last.
after all, we don't actually know when that 'LAST' will appear, despite all our plots & plans.

if only everything were black & white... but no, we're living in a world with a million shades of grey...
sometimes brighter days come by, & sometimes darker days take over... still, let us believe: "conscience" will lead us through, despite all the inevitable pain, absurdity & struggles along the way.

witnessing the arrival of a new season... it's the season of endless fantasy & dreams... it's the season of mixed failures & revived hopes... and yes it's called S P R I N G 🏙☁️😄
new series _01
& much thanks to @showa_f for featuring my latest "piercing into vistas" series on their FB page 😊🙏🏼