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Jeremy 🏃  : 關於 人與城市 穿插/建構的風景 : how humans occupy 🌆urban x 🗻nature : ordinary stories from +852 🇭🇰 📧 jeremylife@gmail.com


4:31 p.m.
retreating light / retreating seat

night。collection / re collection
夜裡回憶是白天川流來往 此刻偶經的車
#residensity #WHPcolorstudy

sudden realisation / transience of life.
突然一低頭 歲月壓兩肩
驟然一舉頭 沒時侯掛牽
為浮生强渡流年 怎麼演
淡然一舉頭 雨下了幾天
驀然一轉頭 路溶掉雨點
夢裡多少水仙 乍醒變睡蓮
#王菀之#IvanaWong @wongyuenb

She comes and goes and comes and goes
Like no one can
She comes and goes and no one knows
She's slipping through my hands
She's always buzzing just like
Neon, neon
Neon, neon
Who knows how long, how long, how long
She can go before she burns away

I could find N reasons to nullify myself,
but more I need are N+1 reasons to approve myself.
tough times ahead...

to cut a long story short.

pick your ingredients.
& mind your own business.

glasses & concrete as city flesh

great reminder @ insignificant rubbish collection corner

temporary air.
temporary sunshine.
temporary oasis.
( reality of HK residence ? )
#rambler_urbanxnature #residensity

🍊make your life addictive to live,
including all the chores.
( 2017.5.21 exploring the addictive staircase at Sai Wan Ho MTR with @picarus & @lauralaviani )

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