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Alphé Bourdeau  Free your mind. Listen to what your counsciousness has to say by slowing down your life and concentrating your energy on what you love. 🍁✌


#treblecone #tc #nz #powdays #onelove Days like this make you forget how poor you are and bring you back to living the moment and enjoying life! Makes you realize the only important thing in life is to have fun and get out their with your friends ! One love boys this shred was sooooo fun! Whewww -Brett, -Nolan 🤘🏻

#snowboarding #nz #cardrona #blackandwhite Methoooooddd !! Whewww 🤘🏻-Thanks Brett for the shot 🎥

#Cardrona #openingday #nz #snowboarding Happy to have took turns, slides and pops this morning !! Season 2017 is on and McDougalls Express Chondola is sweet as ! Wheww ✌

#Cardrona #nz #snowschool Just had a first training day with snow school today! Hyped on giving some lessons soon! Opening day Saturday!! Whewww its so soon and its looking so much more white because of the awsome snowmaking Crew !! 🗻 Onelove ✌

#royspeak #throwback #nofilter #onelove #oneheart You must remember the word is love, and the name of the game is freedom, for all. 🎶🌏💚 - Thank you for this awsome shot Hugo Lavenir. Safe travels in Australia to you and your girlfriend!

#lakewanaka #nz #onelove #oneheart Money never built no mountain ✌🎶

#royspeak #lakewanaka #nz Left in the morning starting with a 7km ride of bike to get to the bottom of the trail for Roys Peak. Hiked to 1600M and bit too get to the top on a 16 km round trip. Was an insane Day! Cooled down on my way back riding the 7km bike run to home! Stoked and my legs are stoked to rest;) // Parti le matin en commençant avec 7km de bike pour se rendre au pied de la trail pour Roys Peak. Randonner en montagne pour atteindre 1600 et quelque mètre pour me rendre au top. L'allé-retour étais de 16km. C'étais malade!! Détendu les jambes avec un 7km de bike jusqu'à la maison. Content de la journée et mes jambes son contente de relaxer !! Whewww love NZ !!

#queenstown #newzealand #stoked Landed in Queenstown yesterday with my gilfriend! We are very happy to be here for the winter season up at Cardrona and for the rest of the year. It's gonna be a blast ! Whewww ! @virg_constantin

#snowboarding #mountwashington #tweek # onelove #oneheart Throw back of a beautifull sunny day shreddin' ! So much fun out here ! Whewwww

#snowboarding #mountwashington #snowydays Had a blast ridin' last two days with my boys Corry and Brennan in the trees and park. Yieeeewww so much fun 👊

#nofilter #stompingground #terrainpark #mountwashington A couple days ago having fun in the park! Love them sunny days. Yiiiouuuuu !!

#mountwashington #coastal #bluebird So, I'm back on instagram people I was givin a phone from a very nice friend ! Stokedddd. This is my morning view everyday.. when it's clear of course ;) Loving my job and the crewww

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