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If you ain't already got it, what the fuck is you waiting for??? Go get the bros shit now plz & thank you!!! #Assalamualaikum

@qcmceo_p I love u dawg an I'll never go against u my nigga. U put this dream team together; real is rare, I'm more than happy to have yawl by my side. Even if I was never signed to @laflare1017 they still will fuck wit me the same... #TheManeEvent

I don't know how to be no one else but me. No Matter how far you go in life, it will never subtract wea u came from... #TheManeEvent Hosted by #Ralo

I guess I fucked up... damn I always fuck up!!! On national television πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜© #TheManeEvent

They begging me to sign artist, they know Ima be one of the best CEO / EXECUTIVES God has created. They begging me to drop ah new mixtape. They know I go harder an harder every project. I promise to do right by my artist an give them my all, I'll spend my last dollar on them an I promise #DiaryOfTheStreets3 will be another classic... "Believe an Pay Attention" @famerica_records

My nigga was on the streets cleaning up clubs doing whatever to make ah dollar an still was fucked up. I seen the loyalty in him, nobody gave him ah chance in 50 years of living. He only been with me 3 years now he done been to almost every city in America, rode every private jet money can buy, I brought him a Mercedes benz sprinter an ah brand new ford van, I made sure him an his wife live like ah king an queen in they Pakistan Condo, an everytime u see him he gone be dripping wit ah pocket full of money. He will never have to smoke ah sack of crack for the remainder of his life. Anybody that ever gives ah king loyalty, the king must give them royalty!!!

I don't give ah fuck how u get it just make sure u go get it... @laflare1017 #MrDavis is a major album sir. @nba_youngboy I listen to yo shit everytime I jump on ah private jet. @lilbaby_1 x @lilmarlo_1 I knew yawl shit was gone be hard @youngdolph finna go fucking crazy on da 20th stupid ass niggas!!! @ygg_tay the shit we say on the mic could get us locked up for the rest of our life... @hoodrich_pablojuan it's 1017 till da world blow dawg we gotta keep droppin... @jefe u kno who we do this #LL30

Live life, enjoy yourself, ignore the hate, stay away from the fake an when they call tell them you ain't got no service on yo phone... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The pilot told me it's too many pounds of money on the airplane. That mf almost crashed!!!

#MOOD: "Even if I never put ah song on the radio or have ah Platnum album, they still gone pay me $10 or $20 thousand dollars to come in ah club"... That's just how much the people love an wanna see me‼️ πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ #RALO

You want the money or the fame??? I seen a lot of people choose the fame over money, shidd I almost did...

Everytime the police see me in the hood they pull me over for no fucking reason, illegally search my car without probable cause, an give me tickets for shit I didn't even know existed in the law book. I be scared to even drive my cars down the street cuz I know I'm finna get harassed. They ask us to abide by the laws but they break an twist every law they enforce. We ain't did shit wrong, so why da fuck they always messing wit us???

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