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It's Friday, I know y'all mf got some money. Go shop wit my #CEO @laflare1017 he got good dope for you all... #DropTopWop @metroboomin 🔥🔥🔥

They ask me why I'm always smiling; I replied, "this the happiest I ever been in my life"... The crazy part is, I haven't even got started yet. This shit was easy, I'm finna go harder‼️ #RaloLaFlare

"So you really gone give me $10,000 to walk in ah club an perform???" 😂😂😂 Yeah, yawl some cool as people... i know some niggas an bitches that will sale that soul for them $10k...

The problem with people today is they don't believe in themselves an without that u can't be great. Never look at another persons value an adjust that to yourself. You can be better than them, it's just take a lot of time an effort. Keep working, strategize, plan an make goals. #Assalamualaikum

I did that shit that they never expected out of me. I know all my bunkmates in prison listening to my music an smiling. Them hoes from high school would've never thought I'd be who I am today... N I promise I'm loving every second of it, #LOVEIT on @worldstar now {LINK IN MY BIO} #FAMGOON

You know I like to turn up on them bitches that's use to turn me down... #LOVEIT ON @WORLDSTAR RIGHT NOW GO WATCH... #PAKISTAN SHIT #OCKSHITPOPSHIT {LINK IN MY BIO ALSO}

The Febs didn't want me in my hood #DaBluff no more. They've arrested almost every nigga I grew up with. Only ah fool would still stay in the area, so I got rich an brought my own hood. I gave all my niggas they own apartment, they'll never have to pay ah bill again in they life. The only thing I want from them in return is Unity & Loyalty... #LOVEIT video dropping tomorrow on @Worldstar #famericangangster2

Be proud of me I'm living life bro, I'm happy‼️🤷🏿‍♂️

Every person I ever met love me to death. You can't deny ah real one, even if you from a different walk of life. My camera man @chaoschytist even tell me this Shit forever an he never even touched dog food 😂😂😂😂

Never force shit to happen, allow things to work out genuinely... I'm taking things one step at ah time, everything gone fall in place... #INSHALLAH

They couldn't bring my boy to the club so I brung the club to him. #GetWellMookie He was my biggest fan, but now I'm his biggest fan... #FAMGOONMOOKDOG

This one of my biggest fans. I went to see him in the hospital he almost lost his life ah couple months ago. I'm on my way back to #Duval / #Jacksonville Florida tonight. I got ah show @ Legends Restaurant & Lounge Could somebody please help me see my boy Mookie tonight. Tagg anyone that may know him or anyone in #Duval I'll pay anyone to bring him to the club. Plz‼️

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