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He’s going to hate me for putting him on social media blast, but Happy 10 Year (!!!) Anniversary to the most patient, reasonable, good hearted, hardworking, merch-obsessed manager and business partner in the world. Without him Raleigh Ritchie would have just been hoarding songs in his bedroom. Big up yourself Briefcase. You’re one of my heroes. @collingwoodm

🌝😴🛏♥️ To my dear @casper.uk, you are the most comfortable thing I have ever been on, and you came from this little box of joy. You’re not even the friendly ghost, but you’re still friendly and I still love you. Thank you Casper. #casperandme

WE MADE IT! Got to the finish line yesterday with an hour and a half to spare and no WiFi to tell you guys we made it, but we fucking MADE IT! There were times I would have rather walked through the desert than get back on a monkey bike, many moments that sparked anxiety, but the gang had my back, we all had each other’s backs, and we got through. 1000km through Morocco! 🇲🇦 Thank you to everyone for your support and donations! We love you! If you want to donate to @calmzone to help prevent male suicide, you still can, by going to @MoroccanRollaz and clicking the link in the bio.

Goodbye Blackjack, old friend. You were a piece of garbage, but you were MY piece of garbage. 🏍


Day 6: Windy pops. 💨

Photo credit: @nicholashoult

If you go to @moroccanrollaz and click the link in the bio you can donate to @calmzone, preventing male suicide in the UK.

🎅🏾🏎 @itscarlosjnr

Day 4: Traded in the bikes for a couple hours this morning. Saw camels. And goats. @georgeashwell

5 years ago, I had my first day on Game of Thrones in that Oasis down there (GW’s first scene too). I was convinced the whole day that I was going to get fired on the spot. Mad weird going back, made me feel really grateful for all of the things. Thanks to everyone that fucks with G-Dub ♥️

Day 3: 460km down. No clouds. Singing Phil Collins through the mountains. Hump day, but no Camels. Haiku?

@Carrera #driveyourstory

End of Day 2. 310km down! Just to remind you, we’re doing the Monkey Run for @calmzone, aiming to prevent male suicide in the UK through awareness & support. Click on the link in the @MoroccanRollaz bio to help us support this amazing charity by donating whatever you have to give. We’ll love you forever 💕

Day 2: I’ve bent my entire front wheel out of shape. 👍🏽😎 Thank you @Carrera for the donation and awesome sunnies! ♥️ #driveyourstory

Photo credit: @nicholashoult

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