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BLESSED  Blessed to be in my position🙌🏾

Some say I'm selfish, I'm like how can it be? When is the last time I did something just for ME? Everything I do man, I do it out of LOVE! You don't even need to ask, I do it just because!

"I just wanna thank you, ain't no way I could repay you. Strongest woman that I know, you've been my motivator And just know I'll be everything that you said I would‼️
Only focus is hoping that all my family good. A lot of ups and downs, a lot of hard times A lot of cloudy days, prayin for that sun to shine. if yo mama's around Gotta cherish the love, gotta savor the smile, gotta keep it 100. You are the epitome of a strong black woman,
You hear me"?

I have many problems in life just like the next person! But my lips don’t know that. They always smile. 😁🙌🏾

2019 focus on being HAPPY.
Life is about the journey,never the destination❗️

Dear Lord its me again, the one & only... I thank you for being with me, at times I'm lonely.. At times I think I can't take it, but Lord you know me... Tears from the storms Father... helped to grow me. Teary eyed on my path it was you who showed me. Let it out, heal, pray, move, Lord just hold me. -a grateful son.


Workout with @petermollofitness yesterday!
I love my job and am fortunate to be able to work with professional athletes! Today I linked up two special talents who are at the top of their sports! @nickbur19 relief pitcher for the @pittsburghpirates and @rakim21 superstar in the @euroleague! •

This was the first time these guys have ever met! They gelled instantly and fueled off each other’s energy! They flat out competed against one another and it was something to watch! No ATTITUDES or EGOS just pure HARDWORK!! This is what fitness is about!

Take a look at the video! You will be exhausted just watching! Being able to react fast and move in multiple directions is extremely important in both of their respective sports! •
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Some say I’m selfish, but how could that be? When was the last time I did something just for me. Man everything I do,I do it out of love. You don’t even need to ask me, I do it just because! -What they don’t see.

Peace be still while I chase & grind... it's me against me, or me against time.... just to be clear, Never me against mine....If I hit my goals everything should be fine... At least thats what I pray... happiness is a place we must find everyday... ego vs spirit, hardwork vs play... me 2018 up from 2008... at the risk of a dream there's a price that we pay. -LOADING..

I rather MOTIVATE who ain’t got it than talk about these bands we be running up like niggas get it and just Forget when they were coming up, these were expensive why I’m gunna announce it, why I’m showing off for her she can’t even pronounce it.. -BLESSED

Life and this game run hand n hand! Don’t ever wait for someone to call your number/call your play. You want it you go get it yourself and make something happen! @lukadoncic DEFENSE❗️
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Best time of the year!

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