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Rajan Deol  209-415 | Bosses don't brag, Gangsters don't advertise| SC: @rajan_sf πŸŒ‰

Photos bein' cropped, circle smaller than a dot

Two cups and my thoughts πŸŒ‰

Happy Valentine's Day from yours truly ❀️

You know just chilling in my bed acting like I don't have a midterm in an hour 😁

Certified Block Boy

Christmas Summit w/brenda (mi madre)

I'm so tired of seeing people getting profiled... IM ANGRY AF still about this I was in H&M walking out with a bag of clothes I bought when this black kid walked in and the sensors went off and cops came in a matter of seconds. The kid was standing and talking to me and my brother outside the store for 10 mins and then all of a sudden the cops grab him and pull him and smack him against the wall. They made a scene and this white office i zoomed into was pushing everyone and being extremely aggressive with everyone. I was so mad i spoke with the police chief on sight i did not leave and did not stop recording. Who knows maybe i saved the kid from a bs charge. Oh and what did they find? Nothing... he didn't steal anything... it's one thing to see this stuff on the news but when you see this in person it makes me ill.

Been feeling some type of way lately...

Never forget where you came from, Stockton, San Francisco, Oakland stand up. Never forget the people who stayed with you through the war, not many of us make it out to tell the story. R.I.P. To all those that never got to leave the city. Count your blessings love life, love family and love friends

3 chains

Lifestyle of the Young and Wavy, what can I say, you cannot blame me? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Happy birthday Gisselle! AKA my sister best friend and ride or die. I would commit some felonies for this girl right here. I hope you had a great birthday! 🎈😊🎊

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