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Raizy Fried  I'm a Jewish Woman👧, Homemaker🏡️👫 Creative Entrepreneur💼. Here's my 🍓food, 📷💻work, and ❤️Life raizy@raizyscookin.com ➡Free business analysis.


Every Sunday I wake up thinking 'today I'll be the bestest and funnest (I know! I wanna use these kinda words anyway!) Mother in town. Anyone can relate?
If yes, how do you do it?!? I love hearing ideas.
These are easy to make, delicious, and super-healthy. ⛵Apple and Cheese Boat⛵
By RAIZYSCOOKIN as featured in the BINAH MAGAZINE ©️
Yield: 2 boats
➡️What you’ll need
1 apple
4 Tbsp peanut butter
4 Tbsp crisp rice cereal
1 (8 oz) block mozzarella cheese, cut into 2" triangles.
➡️What to do
Cut the apple in half horizontally, removing the core. Spread peanut butter on the cut surface of each half. Sprinkle with crisp rice cereal.
Cut 2 sails for your apple boats from a thick slice of cheese, and attach each with a toothpick.
That’s it, all ready to sail!

I just had to share a recent business scenario I find comical.
A business reaches out to me, regarding my marketing team and inquires about social media management services.
They doubt if social media really works and request services at a discounted rate to PROVE to them that it works." 🤔

Me to them: How do you know of my existence?
"I follow you on Instagram." .
Why did you contact me?
"Because I like your style."
"I think you are good at what you do." I
How do you know that?
"I'm impressed with your Instagram feed." I

And you're still doubting the power of social media? Like seriously?!? 😂

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I sustain myself with the love ❤️ of my family 👨👩👦🍓.

We’ve all had enough of the cooking, but we still need food!
Here’s a delicious light, yet filling salad for dinner (or lunch). I threw in some delicious Chametz too, because I knew you would like it.

I have this thing about always trying out new products. With todays’ beautiful Supermarkets and ever-expanding selection of Kosher products, it keeps me busy. I see new stuff, and just throw them into the cart. When I tasted the beigel & beigel pretzel bits, I right away knew this would make a great “crouton-like-crunch” in a salad. I was right.
You know what I urge you to do this for dinner.
Taste it for yourself and let me know if I am right or a genius.
Thanks, in advance😉.
➡️SpringTurkey Salad⬅️
8 oz. Arugula
½ head Romaine, chopped
8 stalks celery, cleaned and chopped
6 oz. cherry tomatoes halved
½ big English cucumber, sliced
1 small carrot, julienned
40 oz. smoked turkey cubes
½ bag beigel and beigel pretzel bits, salt & pepper flavor

Dill Dressing:
1 cup mayonnaise
3 Tablespoons Vinegar
¼ cup Sugar
2 Tablespoons Water
2 cloves garlic crushed
1/4 cup Freshly chopped dill

Wisk together all dressing ingredients in a small bowl. I like to shake it all up in a tightly closed 1 lb. container. NOTE: You will have extra from the dressings for another time. Dressing keeps great in a tight container refrigerated for 2-3 months.

In a big bowl or on a big platter, spread the romaine and arugula. Top with the rest of the veggies (as seen in image or just randomly). Top with pretzel bits and smoked turkey. Drizzle the dill dressing on top it all.

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While fresh bread (and fresh french baguettes) are nice, I would rather another day of Pesach. #InAnEyeBlink #RaizysCookinQuotes 😉💬 .
Yomtov was so beautiful.
We weren't hungry bh.
Why is it over?
#PPD #AllGoodThingsComeToAnEnd #Sad #Bread #FoodPhotography #JewishLife #Drool #Bread #Foodie #Love

Fresh "Chremzlach" are always appreciated here. .
Chremzlach, are similar to potato latkes, yet made with cooked potatoes.
Basic How To: Cook potatoes in water till soft, then drain the water. Mash potatoes and combine with a few eggs, salt & pepper.
Then fry till golden. 😋

#Chremzlach #Potatoes #Fry #Golden #KosherFood

A gitten mo'ed everyone! 😊
So... Erev Pesach: I thought I was Mrs. Organized and had it all planned out, including a 2 hour nap slot.
The kids had other plans. End of story.
I arrived to the zeman exhausted as a.... (What kinda species is exhausted?!?). Anyway, I was like - "I'm never making Pesach at home again!". Fast forward two hours, I'm sitting at the Seder table with my beautiful family, and although I'm still tired and exhausted, its as if I'm in a daydream. As my husband pours each "kos" of mine (Super sweet grape juice😝! I can't afford the risk of getting even a teeny bit drowsy.) and my children recite the "Ma Nishtana" , I'm just overwhelmed with the most amazing feeling in the entire world😁! #ItWasAllWorthIt

The morning, the night and the day that followed was bliss.
Ironically, Growing up, I hated the second seder.
I thought it was un-organic and found it pretty dumb to replay it all. I also yearned to live in Israel so... But now, I couldn't love the second seder more. It was euphoric! I relished every moment😊, every song🎶 and every drop of Cabernet🍷. I
I've tried living in Israel, and that's a discussion for itself. But the point is I couldn't love having two days Yomtov more. When else do we have time to go to the park as a complete family, eat breakfast, (a gourmet) lunch a dinner together, tell stories, play chutes and ladders with the kids, and take looong mid-day naps?!? I
And regarding the erev pesach work and last minute frenzy, ya - its tough. But I should learn, that just like it was super tough being in labor twice (without an epidural) , Never say: "never again", because you'll still crave it. The best things follow excruciating labor!

Tablecloth: @latableau_
China: @impressions_china @lenoxusa .
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The Seder table is the Epitome of the year.

It says the Seder should be elaborate and royal to symbolize our freedom, as we relive the story of the Haggadah.
I’m looking forward to an uplifiting Pesach. Pesach is a special time for family❤️, Especially the Seder where my children👩👦 will be the particular focus of the night. .
To all my dear followers & fans: I wish you a Chag Kosher V'Sameach!🌷 .
Tablecloth & chair covers: @latableau_
China: @impressions_china @lenoxusa
Flowers: @gourmetglattlakewood .
#LeshanaHaba #Elegance #Pesach2017 #jewishHoliday #Holiday #JewishLife #Hosting #Style #Decor #Silver #Pure #SederTable #Dining #Meal #Dinnerware #Flatware #Flowers #NapkinRings #TableLinen #Simple #Fancy #Traditional #Wedding #Bridal #Wine #Goblets #Props #Centerpiece #Candlesticks

Here's my beautiful Silver Tip Roast that I'm searing. Then I'm dumping in lots of onions, carrots, wine🍷... I don't even know what else yet.... Pesach by me, is mostly done without recipes😉. I'm sorry guys😕.

#SilverTip #Roast #Meat #Wine #KosherFood #KosherCook #Passover #Pesach2017 #HomeCook #Drool #Sear #Home

Thanks to my mother for making this delicious honey cake for my Son's "Cheder Feeren" (a Jewish custom where you take a boy to Yeshiva on his third birthday and the teacher begins learning with him the Aleph Beis/Torah). I
Of course I know that the honey cake is not complete without that napkin in the middle😉 המיבין יבין #TheNapkinInTheMiddle #AnUltraFancyTradition😂

#MazelTov #Tradition #Three #Honey #Upsherin #Chalakah #JewishLife #HappyBirthday #Cake #HoneyCake

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