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Raisin Carter  Memory maker, wrangler of laughter, illustrator, artist/photographer, Jesus seeker, wife & mom. This is the way I see the world! Fo👣ow me!🏃


Love watching my girl as she is teaching this gorgeous Friesian Stallion how to steer! #Friesian #friesianhorse #stallion #training

What time is it? Time for Spring Break... which means time for riding!!! #harley #boaz #friesians #friesianhorse #trailrides #trailriding #trailridingfun #motherdaughtertime

Riding horses isn't unusual for me... but riding in Wine Country amidst all the grape groves in California is something I have never done before! San Ynez Baby!

Enjoyed a night away with my sisters and brothers in Asheville at The Grand Bohemian with tickets to see The Piano Guys. For Christmas, my siblings are going to start giving each other experiences such as this, rather than gifts. We also did a book exchange, giving each couple a book that we consider the best book we've ever read. We are lucky to have each other. Thank you Betty and Paul for a great and meaningful time together!

We visited my father in law last night... and he imparted these words of wisdom on us. He loves to make posters. He's 91 years old, and he's so fun to go see and listen to everything that comes out of his mouth. I love him! Precious and few are the times we have left with him.

Psalms 19:1 The Heavens declare Gods glory! .... well, It's GLORIOUS!

I gave unfinished nutcrackers with paint for Christmas Presents. This is my sweet niece Bella Wren at their painting party.

Loving riding with my girl in this unexpected nice weather! #friesians #trailriding #trailridingfun #goodtimes

We had so much fun and excitement on our trail ride yesterday! 3 men were walking on the trail with 2 dogs - not leashed. The Husky- decided he was part wolf and came after Diane's little paint horse and started biting BAM BAM's heels. We got away, the man caught and leashed the dogs. The man waited 15 mins- decided we were far enough away that he unleashed this crazy dog - who ran straight back up the trail to catch us! It quietly snuck up behind Kendalls 4 year old Friesian Bo- and suddenly began biting at his heels. Kendall turned cowgirl- she turned Bo and began chasing the dog in circles yelling, "GET!" until it finally gave up. It came after my horse. I was daring it to come bite Harley's heels- but Kendall decided that was a bad idea and came to my rescue- chasing it away to protect me. Next, the Husky went after Dianes horse again... biting its heels! Dianes horse kicked it in the jaw... nailed it! We all heard it hit- stunned for a second-but it just kept coming and biting Bams heels. So Diane turned cowgirl... and began chasing it up the mountain- until it got so tired, it fell and rolled down a steep bank. It rested a bit, and came back up and he decided he'd be friends. So they walked together quietly back down to meet us. About the time they arrived- the men had finally caught up- leashed the dog and left very quickly! Because we had a good ending... it's fun to look back on it!!! We had a good laugh about it all day! I'm glad we ride with Noodle the Poodle- because that could have made Bo scared of dogs for life. Bo was a bit leary of Noodle for about 10 mins after that, then remembered, "Oh yeah! Noodle the Poodle is a sweetheart!" (Noodle made himself scarce during the attack) #ourguardianangelsareneverbored! #dogsgonewild #idontlikehuskysanymore #thankfulweareallsafe #leashes #noodlethepoodleisthebest #cowgirls #trailrides #theblackhorsebrigade @kendallannie

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