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Raising Maia  Mom to Maia & Bandit | Content Creator Hawaii Living | #momlife ✉️ info@raisingmaia.com

#ad Maia has mastered her My Size Potty Train & Transition by @SummerInfant and we are ready to move on to bigger things! This week we introduced her to the adult potty and her #MySizePotty insert helps us with this huge transition. She will be 2 in 5 days and I’m so proud of the progress she has made with her potty training. Thank you @summerinfant for helping us every step of the way. #TrainAndTransitions #AlwaysASummerInfant #summerinfant

Throwback to last month in Waco. Rainy cold weather did not stop me from checking 2 things off my bucket list. We had breakfast at Magnolia Table & went to Magnolia Market at the Silos. Are you a Chip & Jo fan? Have you been to any of their locations in Waco? #joismybeyonce #magnoliamarket #magnoliatable

1 month down at work and 5 more to go until I can take my next vacay. Our @jetkidscom BedBox was a head turner on vacation and Maia loved it! It’s a suitcase that your little one ages 3+ can ride on and it turns into a bed on the airplane. If you travel a lot this is a must. Speaking of travel where is your next vacay destination? #jetkidsbystokke #jetkids

I’m embarrassed to say that Today Maia cried for my attention while I was working at home. It’s my day off from my full-time job yet here I am working on my side-job. It frustrates me that for many people in my hometown having multiple jobs is almost needed just to live “comfortably”. Let’s face it it’s not comfortable if you barely get any sleep. Today I had to stop and ask myself “What am I doing?”. I don’t want my daughter remembering me as a mom who worked too much to spend time with her. Personally I don’t think it’s worth living somewhere if you need to spend every free second putting work and making money first. Something has to change. BTW I love all of you but please this is not an invite to hit me up with a work from home sales program.

#ad My skin isn’t the greatest this time of year but luckily for me @cvs_beauty is helping me keep my skin in check and reminding me to take some #metime this Holiday Season. Facial masks are an absolute must and they also make perfect stocking stuffers. If you know me you know that I’m always looking for ways to save. Well now you can earn $3 in Beauty Club ExtraBucks for every $30 spent when you become a CVS Beauty Club Member! Sign up using the link in my bio and receive a 10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment. #beautyunaltered

#ad Potty training has been such a smooth journey with Maia for the most part. Now that we are in underwear at home our goal is to transition her to the big girl (Adult) potty. Thankfully the @SummerInfant My Size Potty Train & Transition will help us with just that. Maia loves being able to “flush” her potty thanks to the realistic flush sound and I’m a fan of the full size wipes compartment. We'll keep you posted on this journey as we try to tackle the adult potty transition by Winter and her 2nd Birthday in just 1 month.
#MySizePotty #TrainAndTransitions #AlwaysASummerInfant #SummerInfant

My morning routine now begins with a simple phrase “Hey Google, good morning! Each morning we use our @madebygoogle Home Hub to report the weather, headline news and commute to work. The voice command on our hub allows me to plan my morning accordingly and focus on things like dressing Maia, making breakfast or simply relax for a few while having some coffee. Anything to make our mornings easier is a win for sure! #giftfromgoogle #morninggoals

Lately I can’t help but feel as though I haven’t been giving Maia the attention she deserves. I’m in my second week of work and struggling to juggle school and co-own a small business. While I KNOW I CAN do it all, watching my daughter cry constantly for my attention while I try to work at home after work is heartbreaking. I DREAM of the day that I can clock out of my 8-4, come home and focus on Raising Maia.

Back to reality. This week we returned from our 17 day long vacation. Today I enjoyed my last Friday home with my baby. Next week I begin my new job & Maia will be going to the sitter. Wish me luck y’all I’m going to miss my baby. 😭😭😭

#ad Thank you @camhometech for making our home a Safe Home while we are away on vacation. Some of the many features that I love include night vision, 2 way voice, motion detection, #1080p camera and 360 pan/tilt and zoom ability. Whenever there was movement our Blackbox S security camera sent a notification to my phone and recorded the movement. Thanks to our new #security system I have never felt more relieved when on vacation. You can get yours at http://bit.ly/2OUF0MJ and save 20% using code “cam20”. #camhometech #app

Maia enjoyed packing her @jetkidscom suitcase with her favorite items for our vacation! Isn’t it the cutest?! It converts into a bed/leg rest on our flight & if your child is 3+ they can ride the suitcase while you pull them along. If you have an upcoming trip this is a travel must have.

Going on Vacation in two days and I’m bringing along some of these amazing products from @cvs_beauty with me. I struggle to set time aside for me to pamper myself and going forward I’m going to make an effort to get in some ME time. Can’t wait to pamper myself on vacay!!! #beautyunaltered #ad

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